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  • carolyne47 carolyne47 Jul 20, 2011 10:06 PM Flag

    Mr. Walker

    I realize that most likely you do not want or accept advice, but it is my duty to attempt to bring a little sanity into the organization. If your ego does not stand in the way and you give this some thought it might make a difference in your future and would go a long way towards making N. American operations sucessful.

    1. Stop surrounding your self with people who have no Mfg. experence. Your weak in experience also and need to get real mfg. people in place.
    2. Divorce yourself from MArica, he is killing productivity on a daily basis with the crap coming from the suppliers he has made deals with.
    3. STOP the policy of suspending supervisiors when their people have an accident for two [2] major reasons; [1] It is being applied selectively in at least Wellsville .... [ The HR manager evidently is not better than the last few and does not have the Ba^%s to tell the wonder boy you have running the floor to stop this practice and [2] Its plain dumb management
    4. Bring in a third party [ non-D-R ] to audit every aspect of WLS operations, you might be shocked at the results.
    5. Stop the BS with 6 sigma, and lean, everyone knows that reported improvements never really happen, and when you get to pushing for projects to just play the game for a few weeks and it will go away.
    6. You can NOT EVER run a sucessful operation with the poor on time delivery performance you have. Find the REAL causes and fix them and understand that a culture that supports the reality that the last week of every month is when the majority of product is delivered is NEVER going to have the required productivity necessary to make product on time and satisfy the customer base.
    7. The Culture , at least at WlS, rewards people who never accomplish anything, but are skilled at transfering the blasme for their DA mistakes.
    8. The workers are not the enemy, the competitiors are and they are whipping your A%$
    9. Get rid of the no talent yes men you have in place ........... example Boy Wonder [ he wonders where he is half the time and the other half he knows hes lost] & his pet rock in small parts.
    10. Spend the next few weeks visiting every major customer and asking them what is being done wrong and what is being done right, this might open your eyes. Then spend the next few weeks on the floor at every factory without your usual group of butt kissers telling you what you want to hear. Talk to the people, Mgt. and workers ,and ask them the same questions about what is right and what is wrong... [ you first will have to tell the Mgt. team you will fire them if the take any negitive action against anyone for what they say to you.

    Now if you do all of this it should lesd you in a different direction than you are currently headed ie. total failure and ensure positive changes..... IF YOU DON'T THEN YOU DESERVE TO CONTINUE TO FAIL.

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    • Carolyne,
      I have been reading your posts for quite some time now and I must tell you that I am a big fan. I to feel the pain of watching management teams of the good-ole-boys lead this business into a less than world-class operation. Your advice to Mr. Walker is within very sound reasoning if he were to hear you, but you well know that reasonable people do not stay long at Dresser Rand. Sadly, if history holds true, Mr. Walker will either follow the heavyhanded tactics of our leaders in Paris or he will leave to pursue other opportunities. My best wishes to you in your quest to be a voice of reason.

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