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  • ngpharm1 ngpharm1 Oct 18, 2012 3:05 PM Flag

    for crying out loud how

    much longer can these crooks manipulate this stock. wells fargo sais it was due to "cultural fit" where do they get this info and how fast were they able to make this statement. ulta took 6 months to find a cfo and this guy leaves in less than 1 month? Man comon already. this cramer will not give up on this stock along with those other criminal hedge funds and banks. We need a revolution in this country. never once did I ever hear obama mention bernakes name. this guy has printed 4 trillion dollars. millions have not paid thier mortgages for 4 years, have not paid their credit cards, we were suppose to have a commercial real estate collapse and they levitated everything falsely. this country is a ponzi scam that is supporting 50 million losers and another 23 million good people who want to work. this country rather pay out the unemployment and exploit the 3 billion people in china, india, the phillipines etc. pay them #$%$ money and have people over here suffering. this country robs the whole globe of natural resources, currency manipulation and on and on. we should all be eating with golden sppons in this country. Geithner, bernake and the anglo saxon elite run this country and no one else. America should wake up!!!

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