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    Here you go ngpharm1 - learn something


    from motley fool article - since you are a fool maybe you will listen to what they say

    The Takeaway

    Ulta Salon has delivered consistent growth this year, and this reflects in its stock price appreciation of around 56%. Its specialization in beauty products and services has held it in good stead, and has resulted in superior stock price performance as against both Macy’s and J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP).

    More than 300 J.C. Penney stores house Sephora, which happens to be one of the closest competitors of Ulta Salon. J.C. Penny has met with success with this store-within-a-store concept, but the company’s own flagging fortunes (a massive 26% plunge in same-store sales!) might not be able to help Sephora much and instead make things easy for Ulta.

    Hence, Ulta’s specialization is one of its biggest strengths. Throw in an ever-increasing store count along with an impressive product portfolio that has led to market share gains, it becomes quite clear that we have a winner on our hands

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Ngpharm1 will NEVER learn.

      I've tried to debate with him re Ulta. He just DOESN'T get it. He keeps comparing Ulta to Macy's, Nordstrom, drugstores, etc. etc. ad nauseum!!

      As a man, I doubt he's ever walked into an Ulta to do an in-depth analysis of what the store is really about. It is a COMPLETELY different experience than shopping for make-up at Macy's. Macy's would throw me out of the store if I tried opening up all the make-up bottles and jars to experiment & play with in their store, LOL!

      I can play at Ulta with EVERYTHING to my heart's content with no sales people breathing down my neck on top of it all. :)

      Ulta's ONLY competitor (when comparing store concept to store concept) is Sephora. Absolutely cannot compare to any other retail store out there. NO COMPARISON, ngpharm1!!!

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