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  • ngpharm1 ngpharm1 Dec 6, 2012 8:35 AM Flag

    This ones for you bobdavis

    I don't know If Obama is throwing ulta some inside info since they are both from the same state. Maybe trump could look into this one, but I do find it very balsy for ulta to want to open 125 more stores next year not knowing if the fiscal cliff can be solved which is obviously another scam manufactured by Wall Street and Washington to divert attention from the ongoing four year depression we are in which the leftist media refuses to be truthful on. I truly have never seen our country be more corrupt than what we have experienced these past four years. Millions haven't paid their mortgages in 4 years and yet they say we have a housing recovery. There are record people on food stamps yet retailers like ulta have stratospheric share prices, which is obviously manipulated by Cramer, chuck and hedge funds like pine capital. What CEO would be so aggressive given the fiscal situation without inside information? There is tons of competition and I called Macy's investor relations and did not seem worried about ulta and didn't admit to losing market share so I would like to know where chucky keeps on taking market share from. Ulta doesn't offer better prices than anyone else and most of their openings are in malls where other retailers have failed and closed shop either due to a horrible economy or just bad real estate location. So his real estate team is not as impressive as he prides them to be. So to sum up, my final answer is ulta is an overpriced manipulated company.

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