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  • the_dow_bum the_dow_bum Dec 10, 2007 4:30 PM Flag

    If TRID's good enough for GS

    If TRID's good enough for GS to rate as a HOLD, I thought I ought to hold some more. I picked me up 30K at 6.21, 30K at 6.16, and 12.6K at 6.11 at near the last trade of the normal session. And if GS wants to send this down some more tomorrow, than I'll start really buying.

    If I were Trident management, I'd watch out for a lowball hostile bid by some firm that GS backs financially. Hey, it's the way this dirty game is played .. ANAL-ysts are the pimps, sellers are the prostitutes, and long shareholders get screwed. Today at least; tomorrow will be another story.

    Question? If Trident management, most ANALysts, and the market as a whole thinks Trident will have a rough time competing in just the high end market; why doesn't Trident expand their offerings and grab up some of the low end, too? Or they could diversify into some other segments of the HD media market, like SIMG GNSS NVDA are doing. It's not like they don't have enough cash to make it happen.

    -the bum

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