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  • xxpac_1976 xxpac_1976 Dec 10, 2010 1:06 AM Flag

    Man what a great load up point

    Wait are you trying to compare 80's 3d tech to today?

    First of all that was one movie from one company. By your logic after the Atari 2600 there should have been no Nintendo because games were no big deal with most of the population also.

    Then you say most of us do not have the time to play call of duty? What the heck? The game has sold almost half a billion dollars.

    Of course there is no 3d call of duty yet but you really don't think there will be?

    Jaws in 3d from the 80's? If you are such a great investor use some of that money to buy a tv with a Trident 3d chip installed and then tell me how it compares to your 1980 Jaws.

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    • Speaking of gaming E.T. like Jaws was directed by Spielberg. E.T. by atari was one of the main reasons the video game industry tanked in the early 80's.

      But you didn't see the Jaws by Spielberg. You saw the Jaws3d directed by a guy named Joe Alves.

      Now you compare such a movie and tech to now and sadly you actually think its the same.