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  • olio olio Feb 11, 1998 2:33 PM Flag

    Trident ZXYANG

    Al recommended ths stock on CNBC:

    Said he expected it to double within two years.

    Others disagree. I can't see it either.

    But I watching.......

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    • i am quite disappointed at trid and i was in at a relatively high price 16 3/4. even before the annoncement of earning shortfall, the stock price has alreday gradually declined to 10, so somebody
      must knew the earning shortfall way before it was annonced. right now i don't see any positives or hopes for this company, the products have low margin, technology is not that exciting. the only thing i am concerned is how to get out at minimum lost.
      any perspective about the future of this company is appreciated


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      • I also have taken a big loss, with the rumors of engineering talent leaving and haveing problems with there 3D products, on
        and on etc.etc. I also have big doughts in this company. I called and left a message with Goerge Lee to find out when there
        would be a share holders meeting to get some information as to the future products and the stability of Trident, he never even
        bothered to return my call . I need to bail and try to find something else but there still seems to be some volitility in the lower
        end high tech.
        I only wish they would publish more news to keep us informed instead of targeting us for let downs. We kept seeing good news on products with so many customers interested was that all HIPE. The Asia crissis has not been all that bad , many companys have rebounded , what wrong with Trident ? As a share holder we need to be informed so as to be able to trust our stock purchase choice. at least when the Titanic went down they had some time to bail.