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  • insinvestor2002 insinvestor2002 Oct 8, 2012 10:52 PM Flag

    IFT owns life policies worth $935.5 million

    Let me state at the outset that I am an IFT shareholder. I own the stock because I hope it will rise in value. I know nobody at the company and have never talked to anybody at the company.
    Scandals aside, IFT is now an asset-play becasue it owns some 200 life insurance policies that have a face or payout value worth $935.5 million (p. F-38 of 2011 10-K) filing. It paid about $91 million for these policies and is obligated to pay $384.5 million in present and future premiums to keep them all in force (again, p. F-38 of 2011 10-K). The difference between the future payout values (payable when the insureds die) and the future premiums due to keep those policies in force is a tidy $551 million. Of course, if IFT obtained any of those policies in a fraudulent way, they are in deep do-do, but I suspect enough time has passed for wrongdoing to be found.
    Fellow shareholders: please consider dropping your lawsuits because IFT will need every dollar it has to keep the policies it owns in force. Pressing the company now to go broke will not hasten the payouts on those policies. Makes no sense to me whatsoever to go after the company at this time and don't assume that their insurance will pay you. Instead, why not give the new chairman and his investment group a chance to right this ship so that the stage can be set to hold the policies to experienc the payouts, which will happen.

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    • IMO -1) if they can't make the premiums, the policies are worth nothing unless sold 2) If you are asking for the shareholders to drop their lawsuits to conserve money, don't you think IFT should drop their frivolous lawsuits as well?

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    • how does the Lexington reinsurance play into their balance sheet? i think per the Omnibus agreement when they went public, alot of their revenue stemmed from a one time settlement with Lexington and they might now owe them the money. IMHO