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  • whywait235 whywait235 May 11, 2009 12:21 PM Flag

    Thoughts on RST

    I can not find any solid financials but appears that with the new store and kiosks, this will knock it out of the water. Believe it or not but high jobless rate, people are competing with each other for positions. A new language gives advantage to those that have it. I think RST will do will at least this past and this quarter. Lets see and good luck.

    Shorts are going to be in trouble.

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    • YIKES!! Only 50M revenue for the quarter???

      I'm very disappointed and selling as I speak!

    • 1) It's a global economy now. Best to learn different languages.
      2) RST is the best of bread. In fact, it's the only bread as of now. Once competition comes in, GET OUT!
      3) Many are going back to school, re-training themselves, Obama is bullish on education, etc. Learning a another language could really help.

      Imagine what this stock will do if Obama says we need to learn other languages in schools. Make it mandatory. Or what if many US schools start buying RST to use as a teaching guide in their schools anyways? They should if Obama is serious about competing in the global marketplace.
      It will only take one reporter to ask him that question, then BOOOM!

    • Interesting thoughts.....I send a newsletter out to my group of investor friends, and I had the same sentiment about job jockeying/competition and people looking for the edge.....It has allows helped, however understandably in this market it will become more and more valuable, and they are spending a lot of ad dollars, but think it will pay off.

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