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  • Robear_77 Robear_77 Apr 12, 2011 2:12 PM Flag

    A question about price

    I once looked at a RST five pack but stopped looking after seeing the price

    Today I noticed that Amazon and RST both have the five packs listed at $479

    Is that a sale price or a new lower price?

    Is there a reason for the price drop; for example, is there a new version about to be released so they are clearing out the old ones at a lower price?

    Thank you for your help answering these questions!

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    • Does Rosetta Stone have a next-step program? Today I went looking for more information on the Rosetta Stone Spanish program and discovered that they have some pretty strong competition from Fluenz. The main difference between the two is the style of teaching yet both use state of the art teaching techniques (which is best for me, hmmm).

      Personally I would feel pretty bad if I paid $479 for a complete program only to discover that It won’t work for me.

      If Rosetta Stone had a program where I could order Level 1 and pay a small insurance (say $10) to guarantee me the opportunity to upgrade to the complete set (levels 2,3,4 & 5) for the delta between the current price of Level 1 and the full set then I would gladly pay the $179 for level 1 (plus the $10 for insurance) because I would like to get started with Rosetta Stone but I’d rather not pay the additional $300 for the complete set until I know that the Rosetta Stone Way is the right way for me.

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