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  • mytwocentsnyc mytwocentsnyc Jul 31, 2011 6:55 PM Flag

    Rosseta Stone has very racists picutres...

    i take the coarse. And although I'm only interested in learning the language, I can't help but look at the pcitures and the actions of each person.

    Out of the thousands of pictures, when ever someone is doing something stupid, its a white guy. Never a black.

    With the exception of one picture. Two people are stealing something, one is black one is white. Still, god for bid we see a black person do something wrong! lol

    Also, there is a never amount of pictures with black men white women or white women and black babies. Geez! Its a very "in your face" attitude.

    The coarse has problems too. lol but thats another post.

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    • dimlylit Dec 20, 2012 5:19 AM Flag

      I've been noticing that the people who are supposed to be families do generally look like each other with coloring and features. But there are some kids in there who look biracial/mullatto. One guy in Italian Level 1, Unit 2, Lesson 1 (at the end) is a person whom I've never seen in prior lessons; the man appears along with a boy whom I've never seen either. From deduction, one is to look at the White man and assume the Mixed boy is not his son, because the don't look exactly the same race. Whereas, everyone else in the other 3 pics are exactly the same race. This was weird because I know of many kids who are a blend of races, who have a parent who is White and one who is Black, and they look like that little boy; an in-between "mixed" look. It totally perpetuates a stereotype that biracial kids don't exist. Just wondering if the guy was Black, and it was the same Mixed boy, if they would use that pic for the same question.

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