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    Adams stepping down!!

    JUST IN!

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    • he Motley Fool adviser Brian Stoffel states that Rosetta Stone's failures are the result of poor management. That may be only 50% of the story. Rosetta Stone was developed by Allen Stolzfus who copied the system from a homeschooling
      program called The Learnables that has been selling to homeschoolers since
      1986. The developers were professors at the University of Missouri-Kansas City who conducted years of research to perfect an immersion-based language learning system. Unfortunately Mr. Stolzfus copied their 1970 model which
      was altered in many ways after testing thousands of students. The current
      model of The Learnables, although a picture-immersion system, differs considerably from the model of Rosetta Stone. After Rosetta Stone was sold
      to venture investors, the Rosetta Stone model added features that are not consistent with linguistic research. The system as it now stands is inconsistent
      with linguistic and psycholinguistic findings, resulting in a course of study
      that will provide only limited learning of a foreign language. I will not go into the
      linguistic details here. Of paramount importance is that all five levels of Rosetta Stone covers less than the first semester of a college course and definitely does not
      prepare an individual to be conversant in a foreign language. Yes, some words and phrases can be learned, but these are minimal accomplishments for a program that promises you that you will speak a foreign language. Furthermore, Rosetta Stone's advertisement is deceiving. Originally they said the US Army uses
      the Rosetta Stone course of study, but in fact it was only made available to army
      personnel on the internet. It is not the course of study used by the army at the
      Defense Language Institute. None of the Motley Fool advisers has ever requested expert linguistic opinion regarding the Rosetta Stone course. Instead they looked at growth of revenue or their own experience with the course. Can you imagine recommending a drug company, a computer company, or a new DNA company without finding out the value of the potential product. Regarding Rosetta Stone's initial sales In America it is easy to account for their surge in revenue. We are a large country and there are always individuals who will try something new especially when the company advertises that it is "guaranteed." With regard to the foreign market for Rosetta Stone, they will sell some sets, but most Europeans and Asians who are learning English are far more advanced than the material provided by Rosetta Stone. Furthermore they usually buy English-learning products when recommended by their classes. This last point is especially true in China and Japan. Those individuals who need to learn moderately advanced English attend
      language institutes usually as a resident for two or more years. Finally, when the
      CEO of Rosetta Stone claims that language learning is a 89 billion industry, he
      must have known that the industry includes schools at all levels and specialized
      institutes. Rosetta Stone could never enter this market as language learning is
      part of the school and college curriculum or the required curriculum of statesmen and international business people. In summary, Rosetta Stone copied
      a program that was designed for homeschooling, altered it in a way that is contrary to linguistic theory, advertised it with statements that are not credible, and
      evaluated incorrectly its market potential. But we have not seen the last of
      Rosetta Stone. It will use its remaining dollars to attempt to recapture revenue,
      as a smaller, perhaps private company, that is, after the venture company and
      the insiders sell their stock.

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