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  • activexcrement activexcrement Jun 5, 2012 10:54 PM Flag

    Miserable Failure versus Pretty Fun

    Anonymous dunce: "I took Spanish and high school and was a miserable failure. I took a look at Rosetta Stone, and it was kinda fun".

    Now, can anybody explain how being a "miserable failure" in Spanish relates to claiming (truthfully or otherwise) that trying Rosetta Stone was "pretty fun"? Did he learn anything other than a few picture associations?

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    • How did I come up with the idea?
      I am a victim, so is my team. Billions of people are going to be victims if we continue to adopt a wrong approach in teaching. You and your children could be victims of learning foreign languages.
      After learning English for more than 10 years and passing all the exams, I arrived to the USA and people asked me “What are you here for?” I freaked out and could not even speak one word. This is same situation like my niece in high school. She got all As in Spanish, but when I asked her ‘How are you?’ in Spanish. Guess what, she freaked out and could not even answer one word. So what happened? We did not learn step by step.
      My inspiration came from my other niece when she sang the “50 states” within 30 seconds in front of me. My daughter, after learning 13 Chinese songs, could speak Chinese to me. How did they do it? They did it by singing. After this, I decided to write a book called, “The Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages”; in 2010, we were awarded the Mom's Choice Award winner in the self-improvement category.

      At that moment, I realized the wrong approach does not just exist in my country or Asia. It exists in the USA as well. For the last 30 years, I constantly tried to find the most practical and best way to learn foreign languages. Finally, I got it.

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