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  • donlfought donlfought Feb 5, 2006 2:51 AM Flag

    Stem Cell Research On The Rise

    The delays in Proposition 71 funding brought on by lawsuits have led some to suggest that stem-cell research in California is dead. In fact, even though Prop. 71 has not yet contributed a penny to research, its passage has galvanized the field.

    Within universities throughout the state, scientists representing a broad array of disciplines have joined forces to move the science forward. They are developing strategic plans, organizing programs and recruiting pre-eminent scientists to their faculties. They are exploring partnerships with other universities, biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies, and are investing in lab space and equipment.

    We are confident the funding from the newly established California Institute for Regenerative Medicine will ultimately become available. But even if it does not, UCSF and other institutions in California are moving forward. The potential of stem-cell research to reveal fundamental processes of human development and provide treatments for incurable diseases is simply too great to ignore or defer. Prop. 71 funding would be a tremendous boon, providing a fertile environment for carrying out this research. Even without that money, however, scientists are pressing on.

    At UCSF, clinician-scientists and basic researchers are devising an infrastructure aimed at moving discoveries made in cell culture and animal models toward clinical trials, through an array of "pipelines" representing nearly every organ system of the body. They are developing research proposals; forming new research groups to work on problems of common interest; and streamlining the process by which discoveries at the bench become therapies at the bedside. Similar work is underway at universities throughout the state.

    Likewise, newly recruited stem-cell scientists are arriving on campuses. At UCSF, their salaries are secured and they are hiring postdocs and technicians. Prop. 71 funding would accelerate their progress, and private funding will be key to some of their projects in the meantime, but work will commence regardless. Moreover, further recruitment continues, despite the uncertainty of Prop. 71 funding.

    In the same vein, the science itself is moving forward. At UCSF, investigators in some 60 laboratories are studying stem cells and related cells of humans, mice, zebra fish and worms, exploring their role in nearly every organ of the body. Studies are under way of human embryonic stem-cell lines that were derived at UCSF in 2001 and are on the National Institutes of Health Stem Cell Registry. In labs throughout the state, similar work is proceeding.

    UCSF scientists have also derived 11 new human embryonic stem-cell lines, using a combination of state and private funds in spaces not federally funded. Our scientists have also submitted a proposal to UCSF's internal review boards to resume somatic-cell nuclear transfer, or "therapeutic cloning," studies pioneered at UCSF in 1999. This work would be supported by private funds.

    Even plans for constructing a building that would allow non-federally funded human embryonic stem-cell research on campus are being pursued. Presumably, similar plans continue at other UC campuses as well. We are hopeful that Prop. 71 funding will ultimately be available to pay for part of our proposed building, but we are also pursuing fundraising from those who care deeply about the potential of stem-cell research and who are eager to accelerate our advances in this field.

    In the meantime, we are renovating space -- with internal funds -- that will allow human embryonic stem-cell research to proceed on campus. We are committed to this work whether or not Prop. 71 funding is available.

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    • God Bless the folks at UCSF for going full speed ahead with human embryonic stem cell research! And thank the bible thumpers for their official "policy of non involvement with regard to genocide" in WW2. All my Jewish friends are very happy about that policy I can assure you. They often sit and wonder about all the relatives they would have now, had the church been other than the devils own servant.

      The church will only fight battles with honorable men, not with evil violent ones. Their fight card reads like the history of a coward, and a cheap one at that.

      It would take trillions to help the poor and the sick and to right the worlds wrongs. It would be a noble cause for the churches, but a problem that could only be solved with birth control , instead they choose a dogmatic anti-science , anti-human war, against all of mankind.

      Why? Because its damn cheap, and it furthers their real goal which is to grab money and especially control of mankind whenever they can.

      What brutal and terrible harm they have done to science, to medicine, to the whole of mankinds progress toward self realization and physical well being, and happiness.

      Lets review the church's doctrine of ignorance and evil against mankind:

      Antibiots are against Gods will
      So are blood transfusions
      The world is flat
      The sun revolves around the earth.
      A 5 day old glob of goo that the eye can't see, has a soul.
      People should simply accept their fate and die.
      The church should be filhy filthy rich and the people remain poor, and wretched, and untrained, and overpopulated.
      Birth control is immoral.
      A woman has no right to her body. Its a sex machine that must be allowed to make babies in an unrestricted fashion.
      Human will is unimportant.
      Any cause that would bankrupt the church is really just an insurmountable problem that God doesn't want us to solve.
      The cure for priest child molestors, is to silence the victims and simply transfer the priest. (John Stewart show)
      The church's investments must be maintained in order to finance the brainwashing of more people, thats why we don't provide the food and medicine and birth control and education needed to save the world. Besides, they'd have to work.
      I believe in a different God, and my church is in my head. LOL,, it even has a temple, two in fact.

      "God is within you and all around you, not in the buildings of brick and stone". Dead Sea scroll of a saint that the church has banned as a heretic for many decades. The only scroll written in Jesus's language?

      Facsim is the perfect marriage between church, state, and industry. (B.M., Italy, WW2)

    • Well spoken. They should do a stone crab study too. Those claws grow back just like new.

      I hope Dave sees this article.

      While I only know of what I see of him on TV, he and I are a lot alike.

      Take your students to Scoma's every now and then.

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