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  • calmmind1 calmmind1 Apr 15, 2006 7:32 AM Flag

    Barrons today - apparently there

    is a cover article mentioning Geron and other biotechs. I haven't got my copy yet. Anyone seen it?

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    • You tell him rat. I will also post what I wish and put him on IGNORE!!!!

      Sounds like an excellent idea. I have sometimes wondered why someone would select an alias like that. It doesn't matter.

    • It is good to be mentioned in these articles, but I am not sure that it will effect the PPS on Monday.

    • Here's my response to the Barrons' editors for their story.

      I think I will not subscribe to your journal. Your writers and editors, like too many of the "old" media seek to associate fragments of reality to the story line you have preconceived. And way too many of these stories are simply reflections of your writers' biases - both philosophical and technical. Perhaps I am being too hard on you. Perhaps a story about how we may all live to 150 is appropriate, even though you subordinate the single company that has led the science of regenerative medicine now for a decade. You make this company an also ran to the monoliths that continue to throw money at science in hopes that some might get safely past the FDA watchdogs and generate profits. But the absurdity of writing about Geron within your context is stunning.

      Geron is in trials now for a drug and a vaccine, both of which are the world's first truly universal and wholly safe cancer therapies. Some of the top clinics in the Northeast have signed up. I would think this might be more important than to further blur the reputation of a fine young company. Your error here only compounds the insult that five or six years of stock market manipulation have cast upon them. When they announce these remarkable advances, the news pops are quickly capped and the stock eventually pushed back below its initial price. Or in some cases of lesser good news, they simply force it down without allowing a pop, as though to say to potential investors, 'Beware this company is toxic.'

      There is a story here. It is a story of great science, and its impact on humanity. It is a story of great greed and thievery, and how those who perpetrate it can get away with it under the very noses of the SEC - which in reality is not much more than a police dog for show purposes only.

      (Now I've got this off my chest, I'll continue on with Easter Saturday.)


    • Yes, it had a positive article about the aging process. GERN was mentioned a few times as a small bio tech company that is involved in the experimentations in prolonging our lifespan by increasing our longevity by stem cell research.

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