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  • aureas2 aureas2 Jan 12, 2007 9:35 PM Flag

    World War III

    In case many of you missed it the other night, our Commander-in-Chief is on the verge of starting world war three. It is interesting to note that as he was speaking, an Iranian mission in northern Iraq was was stormed, flash bang grenades were used and the Kurdish guards out front were disarmed and subdued. Now this mission is much like an embassy and the personnel inside have diplomatic status. Well the mission was ransacked and all papers and computers were removed for inspection as well as the 6 Iranian "diplomats". This was not mentioned in the CIC's speach.

    What is troubling is that the CIC did mention sending another Carrier battlegroup to the Persian gulf along with a battery of Patriot anti-missle missles. Just whose missles would this battery defend against? Where would the missle battery be stationed? Word is that it will not be stationed inside Iraq. Will they be stationed on the aircraft Carriers? Also, yesterday, after three years of quiet, a squadron of 24 F-16 fighters arrived at Incirclik Airbase in Turkey along with an AWACS plane and refueling tankers. Add to this a marine amphibious brigade, a lot of british support ships and an announced tracking of Iranian AND Syrian networks that are supplying weapons and supplies to Iraqi groups and I think you can pretty well assume that George is going to up the stakes in the middle east against the advice of his military, congress, and the People of these United States.

    His mention of Joe Liberman, the only person from congress mentioned, is most probably a code for the Israeli government to let them know the score and to be ready.

    Most probably, before congress has a chance to reel in this madman, a provacation from Iran or Syria or both will be instigated. It was more than a little telling when Condi Rice refused to answer a question from the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations about whether George understood that he had to return to Congress for authorization to expand hostilities outside of Iraq (meaning into Iran). This question was asked by Check Hagel who later basically called Condi a liar. See the committee hearing on CSPAN repeated thi weekend.

    It appears that the President thinks that he nolonger has to go to congress for approval for any military action against any country that threatens, in his judgement alone, the U.S. of A.. He has had a hard on for Iran for a long time. Almost as long as he had a hard on for Iraq. He appears frightened that congress may try to stop him before he has had a chance to finish what he wanted to do which was take out Iraq, Syria, and Iran. This would make the Iraelis very happy and would bring closer his God given orders to bring about the return of Jebus Christ savior of mankind, not to mention smiting the heathen Muslims.

    This guy us really out their and congress needs to move really fast to stop him because by ground hogs day, it may be too late.

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    • Now gramps ,tell the truth , -where were you during Viet Nam, --Playing second tambourine in a gospel rock band,or was you hanging out with Bush, and smoking dope,and listening to ZZ/Top-----tex ____________________________________________________________________________________________________---/THERE ARE MANY FAKE VETS JUST LIKE YOU OUT THERE PRETENDING TO HAVE SERVED, BUT LACKING THE GUTS TO EVER GET ANYWHERE NEAR THE ACTION.

    • OK It may be www 3 soon but every post in this thread have missed the point in my view, We are fighting in the middle east not to find WMD's and not to kill the terrorists. We are there to stake claim to the oil....period! The opec countries (countries in the middle east that sit on top of large oil reserves) Forbid any foreign person or entity to extract oil on there land meaning they are the sole owners to all the world's oil. Opec is a monopoly and America is addicted to oil. Now, throw in the mix china a growing super power addicted to more oil by the minute and that monopoly at anytime can manipulate the price per barrel at will with little competition. Why is a gallon of gas anywhere in an Arab country 23 cents per gallon and Europe, Canada and the US pay upwards of 8 bucks a gallon? The answer is the reason why we are over in the Middle East...Opec controls all the oil and won't let anyone else control it...regardless of how much money someone is willing to pay them for the right. This small annoying fact, that Texas oilmen can't buy land in the Middle East and setup shop to compete with the Arabs is what this war on terror is truly about. We are in Iraq fighting to put a new government in Iraq that will sell us there oil rich land and allow foreign investors to come in.

      Iraq sits a top 65 percent of all the worlds� oil. Bush has gottten the Iraqi government to agree to allow up to 70 percent of Iraq�s oil fields to be sold off and bought by foreign companies. That was written into the new Iraqi constitution and that my friends is why we are there and will be there till the end plus this is so important that the US will attack any country like Iran who tries to prevent this new Iraqi government and sweet little constitution from being the law of the land. Read any newspaper or watch CNN our soldiers aren't actively going out each morning attacking and bombing anyone. They only attack when provoked by isolated pockets of insurgents who hide within the masses the rest of the time our soldiers walk around conducting roadblock car searches and house raids checking for guns and bombs that's all. Our military soldiers are walking around Iraq with more restrictions of engagement then a nun. If Afghanistan had oil the US would NOT have diverted 75 percent of our troops over into Iraq. Bush is an oilman and understands the plight of the oil industry and having this opec monopoly control the world's oil isn't part of a free trade global society. The Arabs want the world's oil cake and eat it too. Bush is going to militarily force that cake back onto the world's supper table and let everyone get a taste. The Saudis own 15 percent of the United States but yet won't allow anyone outside there country to invest in there oil. That isn't right and Bush is bent on changing it.

      As far as nuke talk is concerned, those Arabs like to talk but would never destroy one of there greatest customers by nuclear bomb, planes and small terror campiagns..yes but not an economic catastrophe like a nuclear bomb would cause. They know better then to destroy our economic wallet. Do you know how many times I cursed out my local Dunkin Donut manager in the morning and yet he refuses to take any action against me since I buy 10 bucks worth of products each morning. The philosophy is the same with our world leaders.

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      • Bush, and Cheney know it will be hard to impeach a setting president while we are at war, and provoking a war with Iran is just more insurance. -Iran has not invaded another country, and their Navy,and air force is nothing to fear,and their economy is less than 1 % of our economy.----A Texas oil drilling company drilled most of the wells in Iran. -This company SEDCO, was owned and operated by Former GOP Governor Bill Clements.--SEDCO was sold to a French Company.--Texans have well control logs and production logs on most Middle East oil & gas wells.----It's not about Saddam killing Kurds,or bring freedom to democratic loving Islamic radicals, and the oil profits will not go to the rebuilding of Iraq, not will the oil revenue pay for the War.----That burden is on the middle class American Tax payers, who do not have enough tax shelters to cover their a$$.----The blood of our troops is not as valuable as the quarterly P & L statements of Big oil.-----tex

    • interesting take, aureas...

      it seems to me there has been a much easier approach to all this which was available from the start. I think the US should use .... terror... on the enemy. The 'enemy', that's key. We've gotten that confused over time- the biggest Bush mistake, imo. Terror, that is what they understand. They know it is effective. We can be more 'effective' at it- and, without using nukes. We just need to use our technology to stalk and kill off the enemy, one by one. We have the means, and you know what I mean.

      Oh, the nation states you list, will not like it... especially when the 'terror' the US imposes occurs within their borders (in the places they provide safe harbor to our enemies). If they don't like it 'enough', they would be obliged to declare war on the US. Then normal, conventional warfare could commence and conclude with their demise forthwith (along with the terrorist enemy they harbor).

      It isn't a nice plan. Destroying this particular enemy will not be nice. But, it would put a quick end to all this with less expense and loss of American lives, comparatively speaking. Of course, it takes the will to proceed and move to finish it quickly, but the reward of success would be a measure of stability and peace to that troubled part of the world. The only 'good' thing from war, is that it does offer a solution to seemingly unsolvable situations. History should teach us that disengaging from fighting al Queda and their enablers would be foolish- its a fight to the bloody finish (of our enemies)- nothing else makes any sense. I'll say this one thing about 'talking' before fighting: if there were something that could be said/offered to get Muslim govt leaders to destroy al Queda within their borders- that would be meaningful. The folly of thinking that would happen underscores the depth of the problem for the US. Talking may buy time, but not a solution.

    • I wonder what the leadership and boundaries of the middle east would look like now if we hadn't been appointing the leaders and redrawing the boundaries since WW1?

    • OK Stupid, what is your plan for fighting the war on terror?

      Retreat, surrender, hide, etc. Typical of a spoiled self-indulgent modern American liberal, you have no idea what the real world outside these shores is like. You think that your psuedo-intellectual platitudes makes you superior those who do more than just talk about patriotism. For your information, it makes you inferior because all that you have to offer is talk and no action.

      You, and people like you, will be among the first to be executed by our enemies because you are too weak to fight for your way of life. You are a coward, unworthy of the gift of freedom we have in this country. Neither Al Qaeda nor Iran will give a shit about your supposed intellectual superiority when they behead you in the name of Allah.

      Now go back to hiding and complaining about all of your own country while real Americans risk more than the daily hatred you spew about your fellow Americans.

    • I guess we'll have to Agree to Disagree. Now's the Time and the Time is Now. Go Dog Go.

      The only thing about Pakistan and nukes is that their rehtoric hasn't been quite as heated as Iran's toward their neighbors. I know they have had some words back and forth with India. But nothing like the hatred IRAN has for ISRAEL in my opinion.

      If the leader of a country threatens to wipe another country off the map. Do you take them seriously? Let's say you don't. And then they actually do. How do you live with yourself then. What about your Guilt. You had a chance to prevent it but did nothing but talk. Just what they are hoping for I am sure.

      I am sorry my man. But the world you live in is so far removed from what's going on in the real world you can't possibly understand this.

      Now put on your loafers. Get in your BMW drive up to the Starbucks and git you a Cafe Latte Sissy Boy. Enjoy !

    • I guess when all you've got is hammer - everything looks like a nail. Dimwits and cowboys like yourself haven't learned your lessons yet and your recalcitrance will cost us all very dearly. Think about Pakistan for a moment - they already have nukes, missiles and a very unstable political environment. The playing board is a lot more complicated than you billy jack simpletons seem able to grasp. A well thought out long term strategy seems to be beyond the bozos in the White House. People like you are the source of their power and will hold a double portion of guilt for your continued support given their indisputable ignorance and incompetence.


    • Some interesting posts from both sides of the issue.

      The problem, as I see it, is that We The People have been lied to, so many times, by both sides, that we DON'T KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS!!!!!!

    • What part of "No, No, No, No, No, No, No" does the Decider not understand?
      The Nov. 2006 election sent that very straight-forward message.

    • the extra 25k troops, are probably to fend off an Iranian ground assault after he takes out the reactors, missle sites, and perhaps other targets?

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