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  • adavidson_nyc adavidson_nyc Jan 13, 2007 1:01 AM Flag

    World War III

    hey man , thank god you're not the president. you are a fool.
    if it was left up to you'd probably invite iran right into your back yard and you'd be taking instruction from them not to listen to the beatles or rock n roll music cause it will make you weak or stupid . you'll probably say ya sure instead let's go pray to alla 6 times a day with your ass in the air, right? stop being a total fool and snap out of it . the regime is evil period. if you don't get it well
    it's becouse you're the same evil idiot as iran's leader.
    as far as the congress is conserned , well plenty of burocratic bull. be happy you 're here in this country , i'm not sure i am happy you're here though.

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    • I think an invasion of Iran is just a matter of time. The plans have been made and the training is on going. All we need to do is topple the EVIL regime and that could be done with a few targeted strikes on the leaders and their hangouts. I reckon you could target bomb most of the upper management in Iran pretty handily. Maybe even throw a party out in the desert. Invite all the leadership for FREE Gyro Sandwiches and Cokes. Then five or six targeted 2,000 lb bombs later. Problem solved.

      Do it now and the world will thank you later. Waiting until they get Nuclear capabilities will be too late. Remember that Amadimejad has said he wants Israel off the map. Worse yet a bomb in NY? Then where will you go and get your Starbucks?

      If we wait for him to do that what are you gonna say then?

      Maybe we should just wait and do nothing because maybe Iran isn't trying to develop and use nuclear weapons. Huh?

      Go back to Starbucks and enjoy your hot cup of coffee Sissy Boy. Let the people who provide your freedom make the decisions. You have no clue and you never will. That's why we need Bush Baby. Don't worry you will thank him sooner or later for his leadership in this fight. History certainly will.


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      • To those of you that have read my posts over the past three years and those sorry fucks that or promoting war but never served in the military, let me impart a few words of wisdom to you. First off, if you think Iran does not have allies standing behind them you are more foolish than you sound in your responses. I served in the Strategic Air Command for 4 years between 1972 and 1976 and was a combat crewmember on a B52. Part of our training was on the effects of nuclear weapons release. We do not use very large weapons because our targeting systems are very good. We can drop bombs or missile warheads within about 100 feet of a target. Still the destruction from a 100-kiloton weapon is extensive. Weapons of 100 kilotons and below are fissile weapons i.e. they use the fission of plutonium or U235 to release a burst of energy. A 100-kiloton weapon is about 5 to 10 times more powerful than the ones used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. One of these dropped in the middle of NYC would take out about everything in a radius of 2-3 miles from ground zero.

        The backers of Iran do not have very good targeting systems. That means they would need to use a much larger warhead in able to destroy a given target in the U.S. Their warheads are usually 5 - 10 megatons or about 200 to 1000 times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Now these bombs are thermonuclear weapons i.e. they use the burst from a fissile weapon to cause an implosion, which starts a fusion reaction of heavy hydrogen atoms. The temperatures reached from this type of action approach 20 million degrees (hotter than the sun). The effects are utterly devastating. Everything within 3 miles of ground zero is vaporized; everything within 10 miles is burned and results in a firestorm that creates winds to feed itself of over 100 miles per hour. Blast damage extends out to 25 miles from ground zero (all but the strongest concrete structures are flattened. The devastation is more than your little minds can comprehend. People suffer flash burns and blindness as faraway as 30 miles from ground zero.

        I think Jim Webb said it best in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Thursday, January 10, 2007. He said there was a similar situation in which we had an army on an enemies' border that was developing nuclear weapons, fighting a war that was not going well. That war was in Vietnam and the enemy was Communist China. Richard Nixon got on a plane and went to China to open a dialogue and gave up absolutely nothing for his trouble. We all know how that turned out. Webb looked pointedly at Condi Rice and said, "Secretary Rice, I suggest that George W. Bush get on a plane and go to Tehran, NOW."

      • agreed , and thank you for the well humored and true statements, shalom to you too and peace to the world as soon as these idiots are removed from power and beyond.

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