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  • gernrocks1 gernrocks1 Aug 2, 2007 12:54 PM Flag

    Roll Call

    As we begin this next run-up, I'm curious to see who held out against all sensibility and stayed true to the long cause.

    Who's left?

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    • In since 1999. Saw the high in 2000 and the low in 2003. I'm still holding and accumulating. Good luck to all longs.

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      • Dude,

        Haven't seen you around. I too have been following/investing since around 2000. Serious investing much more recently-I was on a deserted island in the BVI's.

        I think this situation will play out very quickly-you just don't if it's next week or the next couple of years. The moment the science REALLY proves itself should be something like Wall St. has never seen. That being said-I'm not a scientist-but a universal cancer target seems worth betting on.

      • you're looking at 6-8 years minimum before an FDA review...if any of the products get that far...163L? please, Phase II, the Ph III and you can count on a Ph IV sometime for added safety...look at other cancer vax Co's (GTOP)and what the FDA wanted...6-8 years

        This company will be belly-up by then...your only hope is that they're bought by a bigger pharma...Merck is no longer a viable option, and GERN is WAAYYYY behind in hESC development...Prediction: the first stem cell related treatment to hit the market will NOT be hESC derived; too controversial & the rest of the World has had time to figure out other methods to derive stemmies since the Bush Declaration...glad I got out at the High of $9.85 2 months ago...

    • Of course, I am a hold.
      I would buy more at this point, but prudence dictates otherwise...I mean, how greedy need I get? If I lose my investment I could give a shit. If it works out the way I think it will, then it would almost be pointless, as my needs are simple. All I am interesting in buying are bikes, skis, jeans and t-shirts...with a little travel here and there.
      I wouldn't normally waste my time on this message board, but for those who are wondering---this investment is better than ever---just buy the fucking stock and come back to it in a year or two or three. :-)

    • jkokao here.
      Busy buying all the GERN I can at these levels.
      Xmas came early.

      Dr. Okarma thinks Geron has the cure for cancer and he knows alot more about Geron than the bashers here know.

    • New investor here. Doctor by day and screenwriter by night.
      My first screenplay was about a dystopian future ruled by telomerase and organ replacement.

      Just loaded up on stock and leaps. I don't thing there is any limit to how high this puppy could go.

      I am the biggest bull on Geron you could possibly imagine.
      Telomerase = longevity = mucho dinero.

      Glad to be part of the Y! GERN board.

    • Stay true to the long cause!!!! I am sorry but you don't have a clue about a lot of things. This is evident to everyone by the foolish postings of yours.
      Most of the time I read your posts I just laugh and I am certain most other on this message board have the same view of you.

      But please for the sake of others that maybe be more clueless than you. It is OK to buy low and sell high, that's investing!!

      The whole point is to make a profit... no??

      If you would have listen to me you could have many more gern shares without putting up any additional capital!!!

      For me investing is being in the right stock and buy and selling all the while increasing the amount of shares you have!!!

      Sad I can see you must be very young and have limited investing experience. Please think before you post!!

      Getting out of gern was the best decision I have made this year. I know it will sound like I am full of it but I am up 200% since selling gern!!

      I am not trying to let people know how smart I am, I am wanting people to know it's important to know when to cut your losses and move on!!

      This company has big time Management problems as many already know!!

      Still.. I wish everyone well!!


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      • Congrats on your success! All of your points are 100% dead-on; no need to apologize for how you may come across.

        I tend to exagerate my "all in" position on this company; I do hold positions in other companies and trade regularly for a profit (mostly), but this stock is one I'll continue to hold through the ups and downs. Pure speculation on my part.

        Reckless? Sure. Missed opportunities? Definitely. Frustration with management? Certainly.

    • I've been in for years and will remain.
      Can't say I'm loving management's resistance to finding a productive p.r. firm, though.

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      • Couldn't agree with you more on that point. I'm split on wanting more releases (to generate excitement and interest) and fewer releases (to stop the extreme drops when the news amounts to coming soon). It's like the PR firm is doing nothing to communicate with the media; just putting out press releases and allowing the media to write their own story. GERN will take time to mature into a powerhouse and everytime there's a spike up, the media comes out of the woodwork screaming things like "born to run", investors get pumped, conference comes along and boom - next year again. Guess it makes things exciting while we wait for tangible results.

    • Still holding out with the wagons circled.

      We are moving forward at a glacial pace.

    • Present and Long as always.

    • I'm still here. Been long 8 years now.

      I keep adding shares.
      love these prices.

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      • Bought my first shares at age 75 in the hope that in 5 years or less I and my wife could "live it up" for a few years.

        Am now 84 and resigned to the hope that my offsprings will be able to "live it up" on my shares if the company delivers. They're a good bunch and I'll be happy for them.

        Not selling but ain't buyin' no more either unless .......

        Try to remember that geron is breaking new ground totally with its IP. They have no base of anything tried and true to rely on financially. They will have to maintain a staff of sharp scientific minds to make their products pay of. It's that simple and I have no problem with it except that they should seek their investor's trust. Maybe they do have the trust of the majority of their investors, but that certainly doesn't include a majority of this board which represents quite a few shares.

    • I'm still hanging in there with all my shares intact.
      Good luck to all longs!!!


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