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  • nice_mid_day_breeze nice_mid_day_breeze Dec 14, 2007 8:30 PM Flag

    Big bid order on stem

    The dollar is worth about half what it was when el presidente took office - remember that 6-week vacation at his ranch when the NASDAQ crashed 75% and el presidente was lucky enough to have a Pearl Harbor in NYC? It reeks of conspiracy theory. Enough of that crap.

    I guess the point is this: GERN and most other promising tech stocks are worth double what they are; it's the weak dollar that drags down our economy (and we will take China with us if we go down) - just ignore the ups and downs (except for averaging down, of course), and dream of a time just 13 months away when we have a change in the White House. I wonder what the Bush Staffers will steal on the way out. Clinton staffers supposed stole all the "W" keys from computer keyboards - but W will probably empty the vaults of his stash of Eurodollars.

    Next year will be very exciting. It's very clear to anyone who is not a religious zealot that if we don't reform our stem cell attitudes, it will be just another painful slice out of our economy and jobs/technology base - remember how we gave the auto industry away to the Japanese in the '70s? Talk to anyone who lives in Detroit about that one.

    Talk to anyone in biotech about overzealous gov't policies toward stem cells - hey it's reform or die. Do we really want to have a million patients flying to Singapore or Shanghai for life-saving treatments every year?

    Life is still pretty precious in the USA, but the value is declining, especially among older Americans - increased suicides in the older crowd is a loud death knell for the entire population. Why work hard in your youth if your career will be outsourced before you get a chance to fully develop a career and a contribution to your area of science.

    Thirteen months. It will make the past 7 years seem like a very bad dream.

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