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  • walktowardme walktowardme Mar 7, 2008 2:06 PM Flag

    GERN: Universal CA drug, ESC, Telomerase, cloning, TA-65 antiaging, TAT0001 Aids

    worth reposting
    Go to geron website and see for yourself.

    Geron microsoft of biotechnology!

    GERN intellectual property is so large that it is hard to comprehend.

    This is Geron.

    Only Geron stops the Cancer Stem Cells that are responsible for all cancers and all cancer relapses.

    Geron has the following monopolies:

    Monopoly on Universal cancer drugs.
    Monopoly on all stem cells.
    Monopoly on all the Telomerase patents.
    Monopoly on all the cloned animals.

    Geron has over $217 million cash in the bank worth about $3.00 a share alone and is drawing interest.

    Here is the breakdown
    Cancer drug (GRN163L), Cancer vaccine (TVAX/GRNVAC1), cancer killing virus, Embryonic Stem Cells, Geron/Roche cancer detection, Geron/Proctor&Gamble drug testing cells, Animal cloning, AIDs Treatment...

    Geron's Cancer Programs:

    - TVAX: Results from Duke Phae I-II clinical trial - PSA doubling time increased from 2 months to 100 months, Cancer cells cleared from the blood. TVAX manufacturing process transfered to Geron. TVAX LAMP/ONTAK optimization trials underway at Duke in preperation for new Phase II clinical trials in 2006. Data from 80 patients in TVAX trials.

    - GRN163L Leukemia clinical trial started at three NY locations. At least 1 patient received first shot as of Sept 26, 2005.

    - Second GRN163L clinical trial for solid tumor and "all comers" started March, 2006 in Chicago.

    -Onco Virus CG5757 licensed to Cell Genesys.
    Tested against bladder and lung cancer in mice. "By 4 weeks after the first treatment, tumors in control animals had increased 9.4-fold in size, whereas tumors in animals
    treated with CG5757 regressed to 72% of the original baseline size. 50% of the treated animals had complete regression of the 253J B-V tumor xenografts..."

    Geron's Stem Cell Programs:

    - ESC nerve cells allow paralized rats to walk again. IND for Clinical trial to repair spinal cord injuries expected in 2006.

    - ESC islets treat diabetes; 80% of animals alive on day 50, while all controls had died.

    - ESC heart cells fully repair damaged hearts in 1 month.
    "They engraft and integrate into normal rat hearts, and in the Stanford study where we gave these cells to the mice that had a massive infarct and then came back four weeks later, we show that animals receiving human cardiomyocytes in the presence of antioxidants have their cardiac output restored almost to the normal value."

    - ESC derived liver cells, modified to turn green to make detection of active compounds easier in Drug discovery.

    - "We have scalable GMP manufacturing with a patented, chemically defined serum and feeder free methodology".

    - "We have two lines fully qualified for human use and we have multiple new lines that have been derived without any mouse feeders in the derivation process"

    Geron's AIDs and organ/cell rejuvination programs:

    - HIV treatment "It is also noteworthy that TAT0002 targets the uninfected CD8 T-cells, not the virus itself, so it should not be subject to resistance caused by mutational changes in HIV. 50% Geron/50% China owned company to test Geron compounds that activate telomerase to rejuvinate the immune system of HIV patients. IND late 06, early 07.

    Animal Cloning:

    Geron and Exeter Life Sciences formed stART, to License animal cloning technologies. This portfolio includes Geron's "Dolly" cloning patents as well as Exeter's patents for producing protiens in milk and Exeter's patents for chromatin transfer.

    Geron/Roche Cancer Detection equipment.

    Geron Patents: Over 840

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