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  • stockvestings stockvestings Nov 3, 2009 9:32 AM Flag

    Every reason to buy at these levels

    non to sell

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    • How about the low corporate governance rating?

    • I know, call Warren Buffet......

      It would be a sin for him not to buy such a GREAT deal....

      Oh, wait a minute, he just spent $34B on a railroad....

      Smarter move, Warren!!!

    • Having been immersed in the stock market for half a century I have never seen a more oveert call for collaborations, propositions, deals, and so forth as I heard from Mr. Greenwood on the CC last Friday....BElieve me, Wall Street is now furiously trying to do JV's, M & A, etc with and for Geron. Buckle up. Selling this one at this time should only be driven be financial necessity. Other than that, the stock should at the very minimum be held. There is Sea Change immediately ahead for Geron; of that you can be certain. Good hunting.

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      • Portfolioma

        I rarely respond to board messages but your message prompted a response. I too am an old market player and in fact I still have my original purchase confirmation which was 100 shares of Hazel Bishop (an old cosmetic company) which I bought on Sept.12, 1955 at 6 3/8 and sold 7 days later on Sept.19 at the same 6 3/8.

        Your comments concerning Geron make perfect sense. I too firmly believe that there isn't a single major pharmaceutical company that is not salivating to get into the stem cell area and we all know that the strongest name in this business is Geron's. It is also my firm belief that many of these formidable companies have indicated this interest directly to Geron and that Geron has decided there is no reason in the world why it should not remain independent and reap the enormous benefits that lie ahead. If Geron was short of cash necessary to conduct their business then of course they would partner at this time but their cash position is sufficient for the near term. By the time they will need additional funds the market will have given it the appropriate market value enabling it to raise funds very easily from willing sources.

        Any investor in Geron should understand that this company is not a one horse pony. It is riding on many tracks, any one of which, if successful, would make the investor very wealthy. Geron is not in the business of building a better mouse trap,
        it is in the business of saving and improving life for every individual in the world. This is not theory or dreams but a reality. It is just a matter of time when this breakthrough occurs and I want to be part of it when it happens.

      • geron the paranoid schizophrenic 10-Sep-08 10:34 am
        Bye, bye, non-collaborators. The scientific community will be fine without you.
        “How people behave - in other words, their practices - and the effect of practices on innovation is critical. Public and private institutions - patent offices, courts, universities, governments, corporations and industry groups - that manage, award, review and hold intellectual property also play an essential role in shaping the IP system.”

      • The analyst at Needham has many countless lousey stock market calls. He is an ex physician that ddoesn't "get" Wall Street. He is a nice enough guy but can't invest capital worth a darn. He makes inept stock calls frequently; why they keep him on the payroll seems more related to his degrees and his ability to make "nice" with clients; NOT his ability to make them money. Pls ignore his judgement. Him saying that there is no significant new coming from Geron for a year or so is soooo ridiculous it is only exceeded by the instituions and traders that followed his call on this stock yesterday....Sheep have no place in this business; he is one of them. Following him over a cliff is equally mindbogling to professionals. Clearly Geron has an embarrassment of riches and is trying as we speak to cope efficiently and effectively with that reality. At least 4 Phase II projects in 4 disease targets; vaccines; The GE collaboration; The Corning collaboration; and the Trials in Spine, etc that are upon them pending animal Trials. It is overwhelming their planning, strategy, and tactical resources; and they are now reaching out for alliances, including at the Lazard Conference in a week or two. It is true that owning this name now, in this market, takes courage. Then again, when were serious gains available to investors that were dominated by their own timidity.....seldom or never....The market rewards courage, now cowardess. Good hunting.

    •'ve been saying that for the last couple of bucks. But it's the bashers who are the crooks...huh fool ?

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