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  • alphapsyche alphapsyche Apr 18, 2010 5:26 PM Flag

    '60 Minutes' Feature: "21st Century Snake Oil"

    Gee, I wonder if geronrocks, chrisclub, end2war, totallysuite_dude, whenrightiswrong, thenewamgenx200, and so many others here who have stated that they should just go ahead and give those dying patients stem cell therapy, even before the FDA has passed it, might be classified as "snake oil salesmen" like the topic of the 60-min program is to expose "21st Century Snake Oil"?

    21st Century Snake Oil
    Some patients travel the world and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hopes of being cured by an injection of stem cells.

    But the unregulated and unsupported medical practice is often ineffective, at best, and potentially very dangerous, said University of Michigan Center for Stem Cell Biology Director Sean Morrison.

    "These clinics are preying on the hopes of desperate patients who want to believe someone out there can help them," Morrison said. "They are essentially snake oil salesmen."

    Morrison will appear this weekend to discuss the growing problem on the news show 60 Minutes. The segment, called "21st Century Snake Oil" is set to air Sunday evening on CBS at 7 p.m.

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    • The snake oil salesmen were charging a lot of money for bogus stem cells, that were supposed to be "adult" stem cell derived from blood. The were trying to make money from a fraudulent scheme. In another words, they were lying through their their teeth, very much like you are lying through your teeth. The snake oil salesmen lied about they having legitimate medical degrees and certifications. Did you lied about not being part of some paid bashing arrangement, and not being part of some RR group?

      You know that in a legitimate trial of the kind you mentioned, the patients have to apply to the FDA for approval, so that the drug firms will be acting under a special FDA approval. Drug firms participating under such type of trials will not be charging the patient like in the 60-minutes program. The drug firms will provide factual information on the drugs.

      You know that you are lying to label legitimate special trials as snake oil. You are the snake oil operator with your lies by any logic.

    • This has nothing to do with Geron. Except, some sick person giving false hope to dying people. HOW ABOUT THOSE 20 PEOPLE WHO ARE @ STAGE 4.. HOW THEY DOING! THEY WOULD HAD BEEN 6 FEET UNDER BY NOW.

    • Now watch the flurry of PermaLong postings to intentionally push this news to the second page of this board.

      Can you really trust those who keep the whole truth and nothing but the truth from being seen?

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