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  • end2war end2war Feb 7, 2011 9:34 AM Flag

    There are 12 Clinical Trials testing imetelstat

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    • Why is this little company with no product sales, except the GEHC product, expanding its pipeline into the Brain with the purchase of Angiochem technology and simultaneously surprising everyone with a new secondary...? What is the reason they are getting more aggressive and taking more risk...? What do they know that has not been fully explained...?

      About the progress of their patients in Phase II trials?

      About VAC2 and the new deal they are working on...?

      About GRN1005 and the potential in combination with imetelstat?

      About TAT1005...?

      About ongoing VAC1 data?

      About how they will use the CASH...?

      About their work on liver cells, the next product for GEHC?

      About their upcoming IND on Cardiomyocites?

      About their progress on Chondromyocites?

      About help coming from the Prop 71 funding that Okarma said they were hoping to get?

      About partnership offers they have turned down, if any, and others they may be discussing?

      About potential fast track plans they have?

      About where they are in the OPC1 trials and what they expect to do to get the Cervical trials going?

      The PPS is blind to all this, it only responds to hard, fast evidence of efficacy... the PPS is essentially brain dead... while the science is active and progressing at an accelerating pace... how to reconcile the disconnect is frustrating for shareholders... but this is what great opportunities in the stock market are made of... for those that can read between the lines...

    • Why did the FDA give GERN approval to do ESC trials on the CNS?

    • Why did Blackrock Inc buy 7 MM shares of GERN to become its largest institutional shareholder...??

    • End2War,

      Is there any significance to the number trials taking place. Is this typical, small or large?


      • 2 Replies to nhstem
      • Three conclusions can be safely drawn given the number of targeted imetelstat therapies currently in clinical testing:

        - Imetelstat has been accepted as having properties which are likely to be universally effective against cancer.

        - Imetestat works synergistically with existing cancer therapies.

        - Imetelstat is relatively non toxic.

        If current trials confirm the above - Imetelstat could be the greatest advance in cancer treatments in decades and become part of most if not all cancer treatments.

        The increasing number of trials is likely evidence that the above scenario is becoming a reality.


      • NH--They are recruiting quite a large number of different doctors and medical facilities... what do you think that means...?? those doctors are recruiting an ever growing pool of cancer patients... what do you think that means...?? especially what do you think they have been learning about imetelstat??

        The people best equipped to understand this drug want to try it...on their patients? is that a signal about imetelstat? we already have been told it is proving to be "safe" in a large number of different situations when given for many different types of cancers and at the doses that are needed invivo for effectiveness? what does that mean?

        There were 180 patients in 22 medical facilities that got into the 6 phase I trials that were supposed to be over last year and are still taking the drug... what do you think that means...?

        They have 4 GERN sponsered phase II trials going... what does that suggest? And the lung trials started last year have been going long enough for 30 or 40 patients to already have reached the study end point of 5.5 months... how these patients are doing has not been reported yet but I have been expecting we would get some interim report if they are responding... so far the only interim report is Okarmas announcement last month that there are 4 or more new trials going to be initiated... what do you think that means about the outcomes in the lung trials...?

        Personally, I have long felt they have accumulated some very encouraging data in the phase I trials that is not yet statistically available... but the buzz is growing in the medical community that GERN's telomerase inhibitor is worth a close look... proving it works is a long statistical song and dance, but there is some kind of anecdotal evidence suggested by all these trials...IMO

    • The ones that are active but not recruiting were supposed to have been finished last year... I assume they are ongoing because they are still treating some patients who are benefiting from Imetelstat... anyone else have a reason for them to be continuing...???

      The one that is "not yet recruiting" is one of those third party "investigator" trials that Okarma mentioned... he said we would have 4 to 5 of them this year... and this is the first... it has the following "secondary" objectives...which, although are designated "exploratory" are really looking for situations where nothing else works... pretty important, IMO, because it shows what they think Imetelstat will do for these patients...

      The fact that this drug already has gotten to 12 clinical trials, with 4 or more third party investigator trials expected to be starting this year (per Okarma) is very clear evidence that they are already know imetelstat will be an important cancer drug...IMO It would not surprise to find even more trials get underway as they concentrate efforts on this drug... which looks like it could become one of the most important cancer drugs of all time if it works they way GERN expects...

      With such wide use in patients, and with so many different doctors and medical facilities using it in trials, and with the tip off coming from endorsements from the investigator community... at any time, there may be important news about Imetelstat's impact on patients...

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