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  • jonoh_dog jonoh_dog Aug 24, 2011 9:57 AM Flag

    The best sign is the silence.


    Institutional investors were lured into the recent stock issuance at a value in excess of 100% of where we are now. These were the big boys who bought the stock at a discount to where it was trading. The stock has since halved from even that low level. From where I am sitting there can only be two possible reasons for the complete and utter refusal of management to communicate with shareholders.

    First, they don't care. This would be encouraging because it would seem to indicate that they do not plan on going back to the markets for more money. We know that their current programs will require substantial future funding, so one could surmise that they have additional funding lined up (partnering, acquisition, patent spin-offs).

    Second, they can't speak. This would indicate that the SEC is keeping them from discussing something which is ongoing. I'm of the mindset that anything will move this stock upwards, so anything which requires the company to be in a quiet period is positive news.

    Now I realize many here think the company is simply milking investors for every last cent through intention or incompetence. In my opinion that is simply short selling baloney. It makes absolutely no sense that management (which owns a significant stock position) wants to see these shares devalued. The idea that a large salary and bonus would suffice to encourage these shareholders to allow their own shares to be devalued is ridiculous. At current levels Greenwood has a little over $2 million worth of stock. Is anyone here going to tell me that he would not like to see the value of that stock triple or quadruple? At his current salary/bonus rate it would take years for him to EARN that kind of money.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. Management owns enough of this company that it is not in their interests to see it fall or fail. In my book, self interest is THE best indicator. 1 year ago Greenwood owned $6 million dollars worth of options and stock. Now he owns $2 million. Don't think for a second he (or anyone else in management) is ok with that.

    Just my $0.02.

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