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  • thegoodnewstrader thegoodnewstrader Jul 31, 2012 6:26 PM Flag

    Chip is amazing!!!

    He has never uttered a single syllable that is pro investor.....not one!

    The fact that this bozo can continue to collect a paycheck absolutely amazes me.

    We should all view this as a learning experience.

    Step 1 - get a job paying well above what you deserve.

    Step 2 - blow up all the long term investors

    Step 3 - spend YEARS saying nothing while continuing to collect that undeserved paycheck

    Step 4 - Repeat until retired!


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    • I laugh at the long-time, multiple-monikered, "fringe-lunatic, Bozo who's been spamming this board, for years with his ignorance.

      I laugh, too, at the two IDs employed by the Bozo on this thread..."thegoodnews" and the 1-post posting history ID, "affirmitiveacti...".

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • This guy is a shill. Only covering for the prior management who sold the investors out to enrich themselves and their insider trading pals.

      The statute of limitations on this crime is what 7 years? So this knucklehead will be in there 7 + 1 day. Or they might even fire him and really put some distance between the goings on and managment. All in an effort to prevent them from being put into Prison for their negligent actions, lies and mis-conduct.

      oh and this is all in accordance with the forward looking staments and the 2000 act.


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