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  • blackmarango blackmarango Nov 28, 2012 11:31 AM Flag

    ACTC Progress

    I find it interesting that ACTC announced today that it had completed its patient injections at the Second Cohort of 100,000 stem cells. They are moving right along.

    Even though some may disagree, I think that they won't see much improvement until they get to the last Cohort of 200,000 stem cells and maybe not even then. I'm not sure how their dosage relates to the GERN 1,000,000 stem cells. I suspect that they may need a larger dosage to really see effects in these patients whose problems have progressed so far.

    Anyhow, GERN could have been the leader, but...................................................................

    Of course, IMO.

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    • If anyone believes a word that black says : Please contact me , I have swamp land for sale in Cuba. ACTC on the great news black posted sank deeper into the dark ( get it ) abyss.
      Such a pumper loser.

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      • Ryan, waiting for the rs might be waiting too long to be in actc while its so cheap. The only guarantee that actc is offering at the moment is that they have injected 9 patients with 50,000 cells and at least 7 with 100,000. Not sure about the last 2 in europe so not counting them yet. Now as far as speculation goes im thinking that they are gona collect as much data to date from all patients and if results have gotten better with increased dosages we will be hearing about it sooner rather than later. Rabin has said they would only do a rs out of a position of strenght so im thinking he will release news that gets the market cap and pps above these ridiculous prices to fullfill his promise. Ive went 90% into actc and ill buy more if it gets cheaper at any time. Ive averaged under .07. Of course i felt the same way about geron after 4 patients had been injected and then chip pulled the rug out from under us so anything can occur. Jmho steve

        Yog, ive also heard Rabin say that its possible for us to go at it alone all the way to fda approval. I would rather take longer and be diluted for full control and full returns. I know he will probably end up partering but its great that he wants to get as far as possible so the deal is the best it can be.. Im really impressed with the Lincoln deal he put together and the way he seems to be conserned about shareholders. Steve

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    • How many of you are in ACTC?

    • ryan: you may recall that just after the R/S was proposed that the PPS took a nose dive and still has not recovered. That has been quite a while ago. Maybe Lanza had second thoughts, maybe the timing hasn't been right? I'm not sure what will happen in this regard!

      jss: you may recall that I asked the question of the stem cell dosage for significant results on the ACTC board. A few comments came back that Lanza thought that it would be about 150,000.

      I think if you check a little closer, you'll find that there were NO significant results for the patients in the 50,000 stem cell cohort. The "fact" that there were no negative results was the basis for continuing on to the 100,000 stem cell cohort.

      Maury Hill, the first of the 100,000 stem cell patients, has a blog. I have been watching it and, from time to time, she posts about her progress and the testing that is done to #$%$ progress. To date, she has NOT posted about any significant progress.

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      • Black, regarding the RS, I believe, Rabin has to wait until the on-going litigations are ended or settled. I believe, Rabin statd in the past that he expected that to be done soon (or before year end). If, for any reason, that gets delayed, the RS should also get delayed. The Lincoln Park deal was to line up financing for continuation of the trials through Phase II, by when Rabin expects some big pharmas will show interest in coming up with partnership deals to carry the trials to the finish line. But, he does not see any such interest before Phase II is satisfatorily done. I mean, the ACTC board is clearly intends to go in partnership after Phase II is completed satisfactorily. In my view, we may have have a better chance of seeing substantial realization of return of our investment in ACTC perhaps earlier than in Geron.

    • I am definitely intriguiged by this trial, but will still wait until after the reverse split to buy any...

    • Black, Lanza initially thought 150,000 would be the dose to expect results but then 50,000 cell patients got better so its up in the air now on how much will be needed. Geron should be into ph2 for opc1 and having success but chip would rather get rid of everything for free. Steve

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      • Black and Steve,

        When ACTC in consultation with the FDA planned trials for 50,000 through 200,000 cells in the four steps, that must have been done considering certain supporting lab testing and extensive analyses. Therefore, assuming that the people involved in making that decision (including Dr. Lanza) know what they are doing, I believe that the last-cohort patients must show significant improvement. Also, note that the trials selected patients who were in the advanced stages of the disease and had no hope for any improvement using any available treatment so far. Thus, those in the earlier stages, if tried, would have shown some significant improvement or remission of the disease, especially in the wet case. I believe that if Lanza and Rabin stick to just these trials for the SMD and AMD only, and do nothing else for the next couple of years, the company will be in limelight by early 2014. One thing is sure: The Lanza-Rabin team is much more transparent and shareholder friendly, and perhaps business savvy, than Geron's bloody Huh-Scarlett team.

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