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  • jssflash jssflash Dec 5, 2012 8:38 AM Flag

    Use grn1005 money to fund opc1

    Hey guys, im wondering how much money was planned to be spent on grn1005 when the decision to stop hesc was made and how much did it cost to inject patients with opc1. Now that what we were sacrificing hesc for doesn't work it only seems logical to spend that money on something that might. Just a thought. Anyone know the numbers. Steve

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    • jss: we have discussed the business model of spinal repair many times before. Even Dr. K. has said that there is a limited patient base and, financially, this treatment is difficult to justify. And, GERN picked probably the most difficult of all treatments, spinal repair.

      I would suggest that GERN picked the WRONG stem cell treatment for its first demonstration.

      I see no use in resuming these tests.

      Of course, IMO.

    • preface with: not really knowing what assets geron guess is that all the real employees who worked on gern's stem cells have been terminated by excessive number of BOD and executive managers...

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      • Kj, yea it does. I realize that everyone involved has been terminated but that was when imetelestat and 1005 were supposed to be blockbuster drugs. Now that neither of them is and since the people involved with 1005 got fired it seems that geron has plenty of space and plenty of earmarked money that isn't gona be spent on what hesc was being put down for. My opinion is that geron could hire whoever it takes and restart hesc with opc1 already safe and ready to be injected. If geron would make such an announcement hope would return to investors and things could get going again. Its kinda like in football when you bench your starter cause you wanna sell him to another team because he costs to much but then both your replacements that you thought would do better end up getting hurt and the other sucks so bad that you gotta cut him. Now if im the coach im gona put my star player back in and see how it goes but it seems that geron would rather have a gimp on the field. Just my thoughts. By the way the starter was loved by the fans and the arena was always sold out. When he got benched people stopped showing up for games and the weeds overgrew the field. Steve

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