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  • wgboxman1 wgboxman1 Dec 29, 2012 10:46 AM Flag

    Here are just a few of the places where we can stop sending money


    In the last years we have provided direct cash aid to

    Hamas - 351 M,

    Libya 1.45 B,

    Egypt - 397 M,

    Mexico - 622 M,

    Russia - 380 M,

    Haiti - 1.4 B,

    Jordan - 463 M,

    Kenya - 816 M,

    Sudan - 870 M,

    Nigeria - 456 M,

    Uganda - 451 M,

    Congo - 359 M,

    Ethiopia - 981 M,

    Pakistan - 2 B,

    South Africa - 566 M,

    Senegal - 698 M,

    Mozambique - 404 M,

    Zambia - 331 M,

    Kazakhstan - 304 M,

    Iraq - 1.08 B,

    Tanzania - 554 M,

    with literally Billions of Dollars and they still hate us!!!!

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    • How much of that ends up in the foreign bank accounts of our illustrious politicans?

    • Of course the people hate us, little of the money actually reaches them after the corruption skims off the vast majority.

      Yes, let's reduce foreign aid and use it to rebuild the US infrastructure.

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      • are a few places the Republican, conservative, Tea Party-leaning, religious-right, "fringe-lunatics" can "stop sending money"......if they have any sense........the televangelist headquarters of........

        Benny Hinn
        Joel Osteen
        Richard Roberts
        Jim Bakker (can you believe this guy's attempting a tv "come-back"?
        Joyce Meyer
        John Hagee
        T.D. Jakes
        Pat Robertson
        Jimmy Swaggart (yet another, "I have sinned", come-back minister)
        Paul and Jan Crouch
        Rod Parsley
        Kenneth Copeland
        Jesse DuPlantis
        Mike Murdoch
        Peter Popoff (what an apt name)
        and dozens of others.

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