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  • lws2000 lws2000 Mar 15, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

    Is Imetelstat wonderful, useless or somewhere inbetween?

    Geron, at this point in time, is being evalulated on the success or failure of Imetelstat. Are we being lied to by management, or do positive, promising results really exist? Some of the studies involving telemeres look very good. Are they real or frauds?

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    • For What It Is Worth:

      Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
      Thanks, Anna. Good morning, everyone. We'll begin today's call with the summary of the operating results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31 of 2012 from Olivia. Steve will then review the progress of our clinical program for imetelstat.

      First, top line results from our trial in essential thrombocythemia were presented at ASH. We were very pleased by these data that showed durable hematologic and molecular responses in patients who were refractory to or intolerant of standard therapies.

      Second, preliminary results from a biomarker trial in multiple myeloma were published in the ASH supplement of the journal Blood. These data showed a rapid and significant decrease in myeloma progenitor cells detected in the blood over the course of imetelstat treatment. Data from both of these trials in hematologic malignancies support our hypothesis that imetelstat selectively inhibits the clonal proliferation of leukemia progenitors.

      Third, initial results from a prespecified exploratory subgroup analysis of results from the non-small cell lung cancer trial, based on tumor telomere length, suggested that tumors with short telomeres may have increased telomase dependence and thus maybe more responsive to telomase inhibition.

    • The most serious obstacle Geron faced was the systemic side effects when Telomerase Inhibition upset normal blood cell formation. TI is somewhat similar to radiation but is selective to stem cells both good and bad. Geron needed a way to get localized treatment at high dose to attack bulk tumors, and a maintenance role in minimizing metastasis. This required creative scientific talent like that which began the company under M. West. But we know how the now departed Barkas dealt with Dr. West, and in turn with the alliance of scientists loyal to him. A couple of decades later, this is what is left. PFFFTTT.

      hESC will prove to be a life changing force in medicine. It is a science not unlike a stealth bomber. Unstable and radical, but magnificent if it can be controlled by yet to be developed dynamic biological systems.


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      • woofs_a_lot : "hESC will prove to be a life changing force in medicine. It is a science not unlike a stealth bomber. Unstable and radical, but magnificent IF IT CAN BE CONTROLLED by yet to be developed dynamic biological systems."

        there will be a time in the distant future when the hESC concept will mature and blossom, but as of now stem cell technology cannot be controlled and is just that -- a stealth bomb waiting to explode.

      • The question is what potential does "Telomerase inhibition" have. If Geron has taken a first, very positive step, then others will "pick up the ball". How promising is all of this? Are "telemeres" one of the important parts of "new medicine?

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