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  • blackmarango blackmarango Mar 21, 2013 10:54 PM Flag

    ABC Evening News

    Any of you guys watch the ABC Evening News this evening?

    They had a clip about a new cancer treatment where the doctors "re-engineered" the white cells of patients to fight cancer. Cancer was cured in days to weeks. One patient who had exhausted all other treatments went into remission in just a few days and currently remains cancer free.

    My estimate was that this was a Phase II test because there did not appear to be more than a handful of patients, but all were reported to have remarkably responded to the treatment.

    I think that the bottom line here is that other forms of cancer treatment are taking center stage while GERN continues to screw around with 163L. Unless GERN can get some remarkable results soon, the game may be over.

    The winds of time are changing.

    Of course, IMO.

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    • garymcvicker - grn163l does not interfere with the production telomerase, but rather imetelstat inhibits or blocks telomerase activity.

    • Agree with the concern; however, one thing to keep in mind, if controlling telomerase in cancer cells - especially cancer stem cells - is to prove medically effective, Geron is the only game in town.

    • yes, that really is a threat stupid Geron management should have considered in their strategic plan! How can you expect that when unqualified persons like Behr and Scarlett decide that!!!

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      • Black, don' know why I can't reply directly to your post above, but will do so here. It’s worth recalling that Imetelstat was not developed for any particular cancer, but instead to interfere with the cancer cell’s ability to produce telomerase, generally. So now the challenge is to narrow down from a potentially broad application to a specific target with results that satisfy FDA’s approval. It has been theoretical and exploratory from the beginning, and remains so today, but at least some of the results are extremely encouraging, so much so that others, like Mayo, have voluntarily initiated their own studies. Yes, new technologies will likely come along, but the fact that cancer derives its immortality from its ability to produce telomerase should not be discounted. Who knows, Imetelstat could eventually prove to have much broader application than indicated so far; for example, in early treatment, rather than advanced. What we need now is traction, enough to allow the future of the drug to be more fully explored and developed.

      • yog: as I have said many times, I think that we're screwed unless there is something akin to a modern day miracle.

        They'll milk this GERN cow until she's dry and then go somewhere else leaving investors with nothing.

        We're screwed!!!

        In any case, I'm very glad to see some significant cancer research progress!

        Of course IMO.

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