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  • jacobhilt Mar 22, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Lessons learned about life by Geronrocks...

    The older you get the more you learn, I saw myself as transgendered for a long time due to me not understanding myself, there are certainly many true transgendered people, (I've got several dozen I'm now friends of), but now after actually engaging in sex with a guy who used to be a woman (yep, I'm not a virgin anymore) I've pretty much accepted that gender is pretty fluid for some of us and I think I'd be happier just being gay and maybe I wanna go drag from time to time. Meanwhile, I know that I sunk a lot of bucks into Geron, I'm holding onto the shares, it's rough times, but it's rough times in most places. The Biotime reboot is the big issue, but who knows what will happen, I will say that the firing of Dr. Okarma was the dumbest event in Geron history and I in a heartbeat would approve having Okarma reinstated and firing everyone who fired Okarma. But really, I've kind of lost my interest in wealth, I'm going to live my life, a lot has changed in my life, hell I'm now a budding "liberal media" personality that is growing in popularity, I might even get rich doing it, but no certainty, I've kind of just let those shares become a bit "lottery ticket" and I now live my life based on the assumption that they don't exist...

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    • All: rocks has been dead wrong with about 99% of WHATEVER he does!!! He's a loser in the truest sense of the word!!!

      I have often posted that he is either the biggest fraud or the most screwed up individual that I have ever had the misfortune to meet!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll probably never really know which he is and I really don't care.

      His post, above, verifies my assertion, once again. YAHOO financial boards are not place for #$%$ like that!!!

      Getting rid of little tommy was the RIGHT thing to do. Unfortunately, instead of replacing him with a competent manager who knew how to take research to market, the dummies got someone worse.

      GERN needed positive change. What they got was negative change. And, we probably have Barkus, once again, to thank.

      Of course, IMO.

    • Hey boxman......he bagged you.

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