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  • charlievegas Apr 18, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    Asterias Biotherapeutics

    Our friend Tom Okarma was at the Alliance Regeneration investor day yesterday. The webcast should be up again latter today. Said Asterias is even going to take over the space at Geron. They probably won't even pay for the lease!!

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    • Asterias presentation is still not up on Alliance Regeneration investor day presentation. All the other presentations are. Why? Yet another example of uneven distribution of information. Of course Asterias does not yet exist, yet Dr. O presenting to investors information not made available to the rest of us. Why is that?

    • There goes Geron shareholders' money into the pockets of West, Okarma and the BioTime managers who will own a substantial stake in Asterias!! Looks like, with Imetelstat interest sold to a pharma, the name Geron will be wiped out and the building which Geron employees occupy now will be the HQ for Asterias and Okarma will be sitting in his original chair and office. The difference will be the Geron board he had to deal with would have gone and a new Asterias board, handpicked by him, will be at his feet.

      To me, it looks as though, Okarma was not fired but left with a plan to squeeze the hefty severance package and a promise to grab the CEO position of the stemcell company in a different name and ownership that included West. How does this benefit Scarlett and Huh?: They too are squeezing millian dollar a piece plus some stake when Geron, with Imetelstat interests, is sold to a pharma of Huh's choice. The loosers would be us, Geron shareholders and the employees who worked hard to develop Imetelstat and the OPC1 plus other Geron patents that are being given away for pennies on a dollar!! We may have been fooled by Anna's guarantee that the management "is working very hard to preserve the shareholder interest". That would prove to be an outright lie. This may then be a classic case of fraud against Geron shareholders. Would Geron shareholders revolt OR stay impotent to do anything? We will have to see!

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      • charlievegas Apr 20, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

        Unfortunately, I agree. Never did I think the stem cell side would be stopped and 70% given away. In the webcast Okarma said they are planning to be listed on NYSE. I think there is a good chance Asterias will be the big player in stem cell field with Geron getting pennies for the foundation of the new company.


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