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  • mainecoastlover1 mainecoastlover1 Apr 29, 2013 5:12 PM Flag


    During the last webcast, Skip said something to the effect, "Several medical experts told us that we'd be better off dropping the research on Imetelstat for Essential Thrombocypotemia (ET) since at least four other companies already have drugs in their pipeline for that disorder.

    WELL, KISS MY FOOT AND CALL IT A FETISH! The last I heard, Geron was fallin' all over themselves to tell anyone who would listen how hot Imetelstat was as a product for ET.....and that the market would, allegedly, be theirs, exclusively.

    Now that the vaporous ET market for Imetelstat has run its vaporous course, Geron's ballyhooing Imetelstat as the next Salk-polio-like-vaccine for myelofibrosis. They never seem to run out of carrots to dangle in front of our horse-like faces.

    I suppose, after Geron sells to someone (for peanuts), and we receive peanuts, the new corporation (Asterias Biotherapeutics nee BioTime Acquisition Corporation) that's rewarding us long-time shareholders with shares of their NEW AND IMPROVED STOCK that will total 19 - 22 percent of what we once held as 100 percent, will dangle NEW AND IMPROVED STEM CELL CARROTS.......from a new and improved carrot seed. Then the BOD and top employees can continue to receive their large salaries and get large bonuses (based on promises of future fabulous therapies that the new corporation will "almost assuredly" discover and bring to market).

    Sounds, almost, just like the OLD Geron, doesn't it?

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    • What we can say at this point is that there is something going on with Imetelstat that continues to attract the interest of medical research, and with a broadening field of possible applications. Unlike other drugs developed with a specific targeted outcome, Imetelstat was developed to interfere with cellular production of telomerase, and thus inhibit cancer cell immortality. That’s why they went with such a broad field of possible applications to begin with, a field that is becoming ever more focused as time goes by. That independent researchers continue to start their own studies should be considered a very positive sign. Still, only time will tell.

    • Yeah, - after i read that i sold off 80% of my shares, with the rest soon to possibly follow. I was quite shocked by that news - the share price had rallied previously on the et results, - now they will not bother to pursue. perhaps they are not telling the whole story and will license out to some other pharma for the et indication. in any case, there is not much of a story left here....just speculation...

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