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  • lws2000 lws2000 Jul 23, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Fact or Fiction? Truth or Lie?

    "The observed 100% hematologic response rate in the updated data set, accompanied by a molecular response rate of 88% among the patients who had a JAK2 V617F mutation, are consistent with the data reported at ASH last year," said Prof. Baerlocher. "Imetelstat continues to be well tolerated in this trial. With no patients on treatment losing hematologic response, and molecular responses maintained in 86% of the patients, the drug also appears to have good durability of its effects on the disease."

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    • GERN has been pulling this sort of BS for over 10 years.

      Face it, they have a very low probability of producing anything viable at this point.

      Of course, IMO.

    • Truth and fact. That is for ET. Why did they not report positive results in PV? Data was not mature? Have you heard that before? I have. Yes it works in ET and at least two of eleven MF patients had "something", well so did the myeloma patients and yet nothing there. So nothing in CLL, a little something in myeloma and CML, nothing in breast, lung or other solid tumors, maybe brain but surely they would know something by now. IMHO the absence of data in PV speaks volumes and when they failed to report on the PV patients (other than safety) is when I bailed. Should have done it sooner. By the way did not T Okarma say the BTM deal would likely close by the end of July? Did he not say that Asterias already had control of the Geron IP for ESCs? He did, I heard him. This does not bode well for his stewardship of BAC. Tom get some credibility especially if you are going to run a company. Be a professional! Tell the truth. So now its fiction and lies, you decide. Its the same smoke and mirrors I fear Dr. Sharks may be putting lipstick on a pig just like when TO raised $ on the prostate data a long time ago and spun the fiction that became Geron's facts.. Then nada and more nada. There is no one left to trust. Maybe Dr. West. He has a shoestring budget but he has a vision. That's something. Some people who have visions are on meds others are prophets. All IMHO. Best wishes in your search for success, truth and facts. Peace, bp

    • "GERON IS NOT ALONE!" -hairlip

      this statement is very true and is good cause for gern's value to fluctuate wildly.

      this is why investors need to wait until the end of the year when the mayo clinic publishes its myelofibrosis/imetelstat study results. these results are what may separate the wheat from the chaff. AND if this data is as positive as the essential thrombocythemia results—then geron will be in a league of its own!

    • Companies Involved in Myeloproliferative Disorders Therapeutics Development
      • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
      • Sanofi-Aventis
      • AstraZeneca PLC
      • Eli Lilly and Company
      • Genentech, Inc.
      • Gilead Sciences, Inc.
      • Merck & Co., Inc.
      • Nanotherapeutics, Inc.
      • Novartis AG
      • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
      • Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
      • Celgene Corporation
      • Shire Plc
      • Incyte Corporation
      • Geron Corporation
      • Merck KGaA
      • Marshall Edwards, Inc.
      • Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.
      • Italfarmaco S.p.A.
      • Celon Pharma Sp. z o.o.
      • Promedior, Inc.
      • Onconova Therapeutics, Inc
      • PharmaMar, S.A.
      • KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
      • PharmaEssentia Corporation
      • miRagen Therapeutics, Inc.
      • EpiZyme, Inc.



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      • Does anyone, beside me, find it odd how the "hairypotter" moniker, used by the multiple-ID, "fringe lunatic", Geron-negative, Bozo, has evolved over the past several months?

        At one time, the "hairypotter" moniker was used by the Bozo, seemingly, as only a foil......a dimwitted, simple, and clueless creation used by the Bozo as a distraction.

        Recently, however, the Bozo's "hairypotter" moniker has begun to exhibit an intelligence far beyond its former realm of possibility. Whereas, formerly, "hairypotter" posts consisted of messages such as, "This company is a POS.", "What's going on here?", and, "Geron's gonna fly, now.", the "hairypotter" ID of today exhibits the ability to conduct investigative research into such such areas as today's, "Companies Involved in Myeloproliferative Disorders Therapeutics Development"..........something totally out of "hairypotter's" league just months ago.

        C'mon, Bozo. You're slipping. Could it be that keeping up with the personas of so many IDs is becoming just too much for you to handle?

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