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  • wgboxman2 wgboxman2 Aug 13, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    For just once in my lifetime I would like to hear ....


    a positive statement from scarllet or anyone at GERN. I have been waiting for them to say anything positive about the company for years and years. Other CEO's speak proudly of their companies. Not our sorry lot of boring losers. Replace scarllet and bring in a CEO with some life and excitement in his voice about GERN's future . I'm sick and tired of scarllet's monotone put you to sleep presentations. I for one will never understand how such a boring individual became a CEO ?

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    • box: as we well know, change comes in two flavors, positive and negative.

      There is NO doubt that we needed to get rid of little tommy. He was a disaster!!! Remember Maui and all the resultant fallout??? However, I really don't think that chippy and crew were an improvement. They are just as bad, if not worse, than little tommy.

      They draw their huge compensation with little or no positive results.

      Many on this board have gotten their panties in a wad about the Mayo news. Let's face it, we've had more positive news before with little long term positive PPS gains.

      I have little hope that the situation will change.

      Trade Well.

      Of course, IMO.

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      • I disagree, boxman. Unlike Tom Okarma, who never met a superlative adjective he didn't like, when pontificating upon Geron and its failed products, you have to give Chip credit for not misleading investors by ballyhooing Geron when there's nothing there to ballyhoo. I like that in a CEO.

        I still believe,. however, Chip's primary goal at Geron is to sell the company. Here's two reasons why I believe that.....(1).. I think neither Chip nor the BOD regard Geron as being able to market a product, now or in the near future...... (2)..I've bought more shares in the company than he has.

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