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  • kip20122 kip20122 Sep 12, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    Geron has No Cahnce..I bought into it years ago at $6-9 PS..and lost it all..

    What is different this time around...???

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    • Answer: Investigator Sponsored Trials at the Mayo Clinic that is supervised by a Mayo Clinic appointed board.

      It doesn't mean the results will all turn out to be great, just that if the treatments don't seem to help the patients, they will be terminated real fast.

      Check out YMI Biosciences which Gilead acquired for $3 a share (only a 50% premium) earlier this year. YMI had an indication, CYT387 which showed a lot of promise as a JAK inhibitor for MF that also reduce spleen size. Info should be readily available on Gilead's website.

      If the Mayo trials show a lot of promise, I think GERN will be preemptively acquired for about $3 a share. I don't think GERN will even be given the opportunity to do the Phase 2 trials. The hedge fund guys will gladly vote to take a 100% return after just 1 year. Most got in at under $1.50. My guess is Gilead will again be the acquirer to become a leader in the treatment of MF and related bone marrow diseases. Hope this helps.
      Wish I had bought a lot more shares a few months ago.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • ask a fair question. The investment community has really turned their back on Geron since Geron pulled the plug on their esc and brain blood barrier platforms.But there are a few things different this time around. To a certain extent, this time around they are working with a proven science that already garnered them the Nobel prize for their telomeres discovery.In addition, this time Geron willingly gave up "multiple shots on goal" to putting " their lone remaining egg in one basket".Think of how ballsy and confident Geron had to be with Imetelstat to risk the future of the company on the success of one single drug.But don't listen to me. After all,I lost a ton with you. Just listen closely to yesterday's presentation and use your common sense. Dr.Scarlett is basically telling us that they got it. And that is the biggest reason it is different this time around. Shortly,the market will show us that Imetelstat is as "BIG" as Dr. Scarlett says it is. Thanks for your opinion.I honestly wish you had some money left in Geron. I think you would be able to get everything you lost back........and a whole lot more.

    • Different company. Different potential. Different timeline. Different burn rate. Different price.

    • kip sounds like the German stabbing the guy in the Movie, Saving Private Ryan. "Give up, you don't stand a chance".

      Sentiment: Hold

    • kip: this could be the "Hail Mary?"

      But, it certainly remains to be seen if this is the real thing or the Maui Cancer Cure.

      Of course, IMO.

    • menat Chance...

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