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  • geronrocks1 geronrocks1 Dec 6, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

    41% response rate, 5 out 22 complete or partial remission, thanks for spilling the beans early Seeking Alpha...

    ANYBODY who has this disease is going to go onto this treatment. It may not be a silver bullet, but this is no "Dendreon" We've got stuff that is gonna help a lot of people and if confirmed in further studies, Imetelstat will be the first line course of treatment...

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    • What we don't know yet is how durable the response is, which is very important. Too soon to tell. But, impressive results, none the less.

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      • So far, the ET response appears to be holding up; and, with the Teffri update, it appears the MF response is continuing another 3 months or so, which is double the original report. So, without any indications of adverse side effects, or any more reports of deaths caused by Imetelstat, the responses are getting more and more durable. We have to wait 10 years to see if they last 10 years, so that is not on the immediate horizon, but some of the earliest MF patients got Imetestat in November 2012, so that is over 1 year and climbing. This is what a CR looks like. It starts with good recovery and the patient improves., You watch and wait as the milestones, hopefully pass buy. One year, two years, five years, 10 years and the big one. 15 years. A CR needs to last 15 years before you can think of it as a "cure". But, for sick patients, looking for what to do, this drug already has sufficient time under its belt for it to be widely used. Hell, the biggest cancer drug out there, Avastin, only prolongs live in some cases and only for a few months! The enormity of what GERNs Imetelstat is doing is still not appreciated by all those day traders and profit takers. They don't realize what they sold! Maybe there was a quick profit, but wait a little while, and when GERN is over 10, those profit taking decisions at $6+ are not going to look so good, IMO.

    • This is what we know.....But remember ASH Implemented EMBARGO on the Updates & Clinical Details...

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    • People who don't get this will die! I don't want to die! This is a miracle medicine.

    • 40% response means that 59% of the people that take this drug will fail to overcome the decease ... what about their life 59% people losing their life is not an option that anyone would choose for their loved ones ...

    • It's better than Dendreon - Imetelstat will probably be able to help Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and a lot of other cancers.

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    • This is not suppose to happen in a phase 1 study. GERN has a miracle drug.

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