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  • mruyog mruyog Jan 10, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    Let Us Look At What Is ICPT

    It;s a very small company with only 25 employees of which half a dozen are just top mangers/executives, that leaves less than 20 other (working) employees (I bet most are high-school grad's)! The Float is 10M and Shares Outstanding are 19M, i.e., 44% is held by insiders. The company just develops bile-acid product to treat chronic lever disease (in Ph III trial - not yet in the market!) and other diseases (in Ph II trials). Yes, the company is located in the NY City (i.e., where Wall Street is located)!! That is a BIG difference (compared to Geron)! Well... I will stay away from betting my money for this company!

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    • If they've advanced to ph3 they're clearly not high school grads.

      What an idiotic thing to say. Must be a bunch of geniuses to put together a registration study with 25 people (or 10-15 not counting the higher ups)

    • What this means for GERN is that they better hurry up and get their cancer drug approved and on the market, PDQ

    • If their drug is promising, I think someone will buy them out; but now they will have to pay $10 Billion for a company they could have bought for perhaps $1 Billion. Timing is very important.

      There is a lesson to be observed about doing your homework and buying early and about crowd behavior where there is a small float. That sort of $200/per day explosion in PPS would never happen to GERN because of the much larger float GERN has, but IMO, it does show GERN could jump as much as $20 to $40 in one day, on the right news because of GERNs broad potential to impact many types of cancers.

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      • ETW, the small float is, of course, one reason why the ICPT share price shot up so high. But, I suspect, its NY City location had also a lot to do with that. The backdoor rumor, manipulation and someone from the company closely attached to a vested influential party in the financial district may be behind this; otherwise, for a relatively such a small outfit coming up with a product far far less sophisticated than Imetelstat can't sustain the astronomical SP and can't come close in comparison to Geron which, before Stem-cell spinoff, was an internationally well-regarded outfit when it developed Imetelstat. I do not see any ground for comparison of the two. I believe that the the astronomically high SP will crash sooner or later.. The SEC must investigate.

    • If you think being close to Wall Street has something to do with their pps rise then you need to take your meds to control the paranoia. Geron is located in the midst of many of the most valuable public companies in the world. Geron is trying to overcome the image of 15 years of investor disappointment.

    • Wealthy people buying!

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