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  • lws2000 lws2000 Jan 16, 2014 8:09 PM Flag

    Geron has the Goods

    They have a 'miracle" drug, and "sweet-time" to vet a partner.

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    • I so much apprecaite the effort that end2war puts in to make a case for the drug, but you sir should be commended for putting the focus back on INVESTING.
      GERN indeed has the goods, and it's just a matter of time.
      I'm certain that there are many longs out there who are saying, "well, I've waited this long. . . . . . "
      That's what investors in biotech are sometimes forced to do.
      We will be rewarded for our patience.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • No one in the medical community seems to question the success of Imetelstat. The FDA is a lagging indicator, but they will be in the picture soon with BTT's, I believe. We all agree about the need for more data.

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      • There is a "rat pack" that has keep a lid on this stock. The data is too good, with more coming, to keep it there very long. This could be one of the great medical breakthroughs of the 21st century (Nobel Prize, Telomeres, Cancer stemcells, Ageing cells, etc.). This will be a great investment. Don't confuse stock manipulation with good science and good medicine.

    • The sick and suffering will bring Imetelstat to breakthrough status, as long as the very good safety profile holds. This really has nothing to do with stock manipulation, which is keeping the stock at a low price. The future of "Telomere Therapy" looks very promising, because of the current successes (Mayo, ASH, new studies). The "fraud story" also has had some traction, and is keeping the short-sellers in business. This is the time to average-in, to be well positioned for the stock surge that could come at anytime (next week, next month or later this year). Potential partner's are knocking at the door (with deep-pockets). Geron, with a good balance sheet, has the luxury of picking and choosing. Time is on their side.

    • Yeah it shows in the price action huh ? Less talk and more action nothing to see here !

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Sorry to say, but IMO, they don't have the goods just yet.

      They only have a preliminary indication which is open to question. they will hot have the goods till more data is assembled. There were only about 29 new drugs approved last year.The FDA is a difficult agency. That is why we are infested with shorts and the price is near $4.00.

      I will be much happier after we have trial data on at least 100 MF patients and the ORR holds up at 40% or better. I would rather see the ORR go up to 60%.

      I also want to see at least 25 remissions. I want to see the PPS over $20/share.

      Give me that data on 100 MF patients and that price, I will say "we have the goods" with a 90% probability.

      Right now, I am am not so certain.And neither is the rest of the market.

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      • 3+ years is far too long to wait to get data on 100 MF patients, IMO!!!

      • Tefferi's two conference appearances in the next month should bring more data.

        While Scarlett is most likely obligated to speak at JPM, Teferri has no obligation but to his employer the Mayo Clinic (should be noted again and again, one of the most highly renowned medical institutions in the world).

        He wouldn't be taking time away from his patients, multiple times, if he did not have/want to enlighten his peers in the medical community.

        * Outside of the Mayo Clinic, The # of Independent Investigations on Imetelstat is also a nice indicator to look at to understand the significance this potential therapy is having on the medical research field.

      • I think Geron has the goods, but the trick is to convince others. Everything that you say is true. The question becomes how safe and convincing does a drug have to become before it is made available to sick, desperate people. To not do so, when safety is not a major factor (as in this case), I would consider immoral in several ways (not saving the sick, when it can be done so easily and causing unnecessary suffering). I believe in what Mayo has accomplished. There could be set backs (none yet, as far as we know), but good results have been recorded, and I am 90% sure more are on the way.

        I think Imetelstat has passed the point of reasonable doubt for these people. It also seems to me, that the FDA must be taking a hard, "breakthrough" look, or they would be failing in their job. These stock manipulators, have created a "coiled-spring" in Geron's price, that could jump up at any time, based on upcoming news.

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