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  • bankslloyd395 bankslloyd395 Mar 18, 2014 5:14 PM Flag

    How many new shareholders plan on holding through the update?

    The FDA will inevitably announce the fate of GERN in the (hopefully near) future. I'd like to know what your game plan is if you picked up shares today before/during the run up. Do you plan on holding long, using this as an opportunity to get into a company that you see potential in for a potentially great discount? Or are you just day trading and hoping to bail out before any news? Good luck everyone!

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    • There could be some positive news from Tefferi's clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic, as so far as we know, this is NOT on hold. Moreover, recall that the price of Geron dropped when the Mayo Clinic stopped the enrollment, though this part of what is done in clinical trials before you move on to expanding the trial under the established dosing and safety standards and protocol. In other words, no clinical trial moves forward to phases II and III, while still enrolling patients for dosing studies or phase I. Think about this. Ignorance is not the way forward, and the more of it that one holds as a shareholder, then the more likely one is to sell accordingly, and the bashers and shorts here will help augment your ignorance through FEAR. The N A Zies did this, too. The recent drop was linked to short interests and to misinformation in the news reports. Read the report from the Motley Fool, Geron-imo (Title reflects ignorance about Geronimo and misinformation about Geron.) and note the conjecture about the Mayo Clinic dropout rate in that article, and the conclusions drawn, according to a lack of careful examination of the press release by Geron. Geronimo the Apache leader fought oppression, and he parallels another example of how unregulated human greed failed.

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    • I'm here for life no matter what.

    • I have been long on this for 8 months now. Crazy money being made/lost on day trading. This volatility is extremely dangerous. BE CAREFUL

    • After FDA clearance and orphan statue I'm out of here. Could happen any time.

    • i originally bought this as a swing trade at 1.83 which was an excellent trade. i was on the fence about selling today but i decided to hold overnight, but if youre willing to wait, i would do it. i think the fda will approve but as a swing trader i have to stick to my plans and sell. its up to you, it depends on how much you bought/price/when you want to exit happy trading!

    • Anybody? I guess what I'm getting at is whether or not any of you feel confident in the big picture and are using this as an opportunity to get in on a potential multibagger. If GERN lives happily ever after, the share price may easily surpass 10-20 one day. But if it fails, then remaining long at this stage wouldn't be wise.

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