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  • wereinayellowsubmarine wereinayellowsubmarine Apr 11, 2014 11:04 AM Flag

    Class action lawsuits being filed everywhere.

    Can anyone let me know why?

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    • Don't waste your time here or ours. You have got the contact information. I wish that I had time to talk to them and maybe this week? I want to talk them into investigating the shorts and scammers from the news who bash and dash, and they keep coming back with a negative focus instead of a balanced one.

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    • Yes.....I can let you know why. It's because some dumb, multiple-ID, "fringe lunatic", Geron-negative, Bozo keeps posting messages on this forum using its cache of IDs (including the ID, "wereinayellowsubmarine") that number in the dozens, in which the Bozo expresses phony naive ignorance of the subject it inquires about.

    • They start off being formulaic based on a stock's nose diving. Sort of like Algo's, except instead of strickly buying in Algo response, the law firms look for class action suits, and I'm sure the day before they file class actions, they short the stock. The shorting most certainly will pay them for their efforts to bring class action, so they really can't lose. Of course if they are lucky enough to take the position at the front of the line ahead of the other Class action filers then they stand to do that much better.
      In a Society where everything is on the downslide, it sort of seems fitting. The Bankers control Congress, Citizens are simply looked upon as exploitable resources for things that are pseudo real (College tuitions, Welfare entitlements, Special Projects that make no sense, heck just about everything that touches our lives)
      Class action attorneys are not extremely bright, they don't have to mount an action that will be studied in Ivy League Halls, all they have to do is be quick and greedy.
      Just for the record, I was in a class action suit against Nova Gold a few years ago. I lost $20K and was awarded $1900. In that case there was clear deception by NG. In this case, there is no basis in fact, so I don't attach any importance to #$%$ sucking leeches that are begging for clients.

    • Hey sub, good to see you back on the board!

    • I expect 90 plus percent of these class actions suits to be pulled after May 6th. They simply won't have enough people enrolled to make it worth there while.

    • No reason at all. This is a peculiarity of our antiquated, sometimes corrupt, ambulance chasing legal system. Mayo Clinic data is 100% honest and valid.

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