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  • docaiii docaiii Jul 11, 2014 6:49 AM Flag

    FDA hold was real suspect. Damage done however.

    Do you believe all in the FDA are straight and honest?....... people of character? If so, then you need counseling.
    The "hold" was a real set-back. Geron's PPS was on a solid uptrend. says some little twerp at FDA. " We have to slap a Hold here for little good reason.....try the liver BS."
    The Hold clobbered Geron's investors......some mad off like bandits(guess who).

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    • Any of you guys stop to think that if this study had been done RIGHT, there never would have been a Hold in the first place?

      Quit blaming the FDA.

      Of course, IMO.

    • The likely corruption we saw in the FDA's hold on Geron testing is just one illustration of the kind of corruption we are seeing and should expect to see with beaurocratic agencies. We see the same in the IRS who attacked political opponents of the Obama gang, and in the EPA which is attacking the coal industry in furtherance of the ideology and policy of this gang of socialists. Corruption is not limited to socialists but it is worse under them because the more power a govt agency has, and the more people have to ask its permission to do something, the more opportunity there is for corruption. The beaurocrats have more to sell.

    • doc: where on earth do you guys come up with this #$%$??????????

      Go back and look at the chart!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERN was TRENDING DOWN just before the Hold and was just holding its own before that. "A solid uptrend" is just pure, unadulterated BS!

      Fact not Fiction!

    • Tell people you know about this new possible cure for cancer coming down the pipeline. Help create enough buzz and they can't block it, for risk of exposing themselves as corrupt ;)

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      • I would hope that this news would come from the PR department at Geron? Thats a joke , lighten up.
        Message just sent one of many to the lovely Anna in charge of Geron investors information. See below.

        Dear Anna , as you are always a wealth of information might you let me know or might you make mention of , on the GERON web page news of any and all lawsuits filed against Geron that have been cancelled due to a lack of interest or merit?

        I doubt you will answer this question or any other stock holders questions peratining to any news with regard to Geron in the near to distant future.

        Wishing you a great day . You are the best

        signed by myself.

    • doc, while corruption and politics are ever active at all times in all walks of life, there are forces that counter these elements too. What is dominant at any time can tip the outcome. For now, the outcome is negative and the hold continues to block GERNs plans for a Phase 2 trial of MF, AMF and MDS. This should not be, but the tide is turning. The FDA decision in favor of the MC undermines any corrupt or political excuse for the hold. Now it is clear that the toxicity issue cannot justify stopping GERNs trials. Soon the updated results on the MC testing on patients will further expose the invalidity of this hold. It should be obvious to all that GERN must ask the FDA to lift the hold, at least partially. I think they have already done so, and we are waiting for the FDA to respond at this very minute. I think they will lift the hold and allow the Phase 2 trials to begin; but this has not been confirmed by anything other than my sense of logic, LOL. If I am right, then I expect a leak to precede the lifting of the hold and GERN will start to move suddenly on high volume. That will precede the announcement that the hold was lifted by about 1 to to 2 days. Watch for a volume spike over 10 Million shares coming very soon, IMO.

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      • The hold now seems unnecessary. The fact that the Mayo hold has been lifted and the Geron hold has not, says something about the credibility, size, age, and stability of Mayo vs. Geron. Geron is barely a teenager trying to find its proper place in this world, while Mayo, the old sage, points to the road that needs to be traveled. The FDA is favoring Mayo, but Geron is not too far behind. Imetelstat is a gift to all (Mayo, Geron, researchers, patients).

      • If I am right about the leak, this will be another example of greed and corruption of one group counterbalancing the greed and corruption of another! In a free society, the politics of action is often simply the outcome of competing greed and corruption. Doing the right thing is just one vector force in the matrix of factors that produces results!

    • doc, I agree with your speculation/assessment of the FDA. I wrote a post on this the week that the hold was put on GERN.
      I believe most, if not all governmental departments that have power of any kind are corrupt. Think about all the warnings of pharmaceutical products that are available for consumers via doctors orders, how did they pass? It is sad to me but most everything in corporate america wether having to do with health or manufacturing, almost any industry, is controlled by money or power.
      This may sound cynical but in my opinion, this is how I believe it to be based on what I have seen. IMHO

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      • Dead on. Millions of Americans have died and will continue to die taking FDA approved meds made by the large Pharmas that pay millions and millions to support the government cronies at the FDA.
        Yet millions of Americans believe they should be fed , housed , clothed and supported by Government agencies that are all for sale.
        Take care of myself and my family? Not my yob mannn.

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