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  • _angelo_ _angelo_ Jan 14, 1998 1:50 PM Flag

    yapple dapple

    Playing both sides of the coin here, I do believe such discoveries made by Geron will lead to radical changes in health
    care. I'm not a science guru, but I do remember a biology professor mentioning back in early '95 that there would be some
    exceptional advances in cellular technology withing 3-5 years. With a few more years to go it sounds like his prediction will become a
    reality. If Geron actually possessed a patent regarding the rejuvination of cells, no matter if they're eye ball cells or liver
    cells, then Geron's growth could very well exceed any business in history.

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    • >>I am a tax lawyer. But what difference does that make?<<

      It probably means you should avoid buying biotech stocks when
      you don't understand the industry or technology.

      Anyway, you'll have a nice tax loss for '98.

      Tax lawyers investing in biotechs ... SHEEESH!!!
      Now I have seen it all.

    • Since you're a scientist and a biologist, why do you spell tumor with an "e" ("tumer") ?

    • If you were a true longterm believer in this co. and expected
      it to eventually be very profitable, you would want the share
      price to stay as low as possible over the next few years so you
      could continue to accumulate shares. All I read on this thread
      are longs who say they are long-term investors in the stock, yet
      they are trying to drive the price up. That makes no sense unless
      they are not really long-term believers and just want to cash in
      on a news event driven rally. If major insiders are selling out,
      they must also not be long-term believers and must think the
      stock is favorably priced where it is at now.

    • I sold as you sugggested and did okay.....Sold 1000 shares at
      137/8 and kept 500 at my purchase price of 9.....I do think this
      stock will bottom out at around 8 to 10 but we will have another chance at this in the future......I only hope I have learned
      something with these bioteck stocks.....Good luck and take care

    • Hey ascientist, I'm confused by what you wrote:

      "1. Whether you can inhibit tumer growth by inhibiting Telomerase is unknown. In knockout
      studies, mouse without telemerase survive just fine.
      2. The side effect of inhibiting Telomerase could be enoumous that prohibit its use just like
      tons of other cancer drugs that are in use today. your blood cells came from stem cells in
      your bone marrow that are constantly dividing and presumablly require Telomerase. If they
      are stopped from dividing, you will die very soon like leukemia patients. many cancer
      therapies have exactly the same problems."

      In point 1. you seem to be saying that mice without telomerase are perfectly fine, and in point 2. you seem to be saying that without telomerase, your stem cells will not proliferate and you will die from leukemia. So, which is it? Can't have it both ways.

    • Onxx's p53 virus for cancer therapy was in or on every media six month ago. check its price today even after the issueing of patent! That's exactly where Gern is going to be, or even worse because Onxx' stuff is in phaseI/II trial at least, and GERN is at least 5 years away from there.

    • >ONXX ONYX Pharmaceuticals has a US Patent #5,677,178
      >covering methods for treating cancer using replicating
      >viral-based therapy. BusinessWire Tues. Oct. 14, 1997

      C'mon, can we keep this board focused on one over-priced,
      hyped up, miracle drug company at a time. Everybody and their
      brother has a biotech company with a cure for cancer, but
      Geron Corp. has a cure for cancer and aging.


    • ONXX ONYX Pharmaceuticals has a US Patent #5,677,178 covering methods for treating cancer using replicating viral-based therapy. BusinessWire Tues. Oct. 14, 1997

    • I Can't agree with you more. esp. the last part.

    • It appears to me that the shorts won the short-term battle, if you want to call it that. I don't see it as a battle, the point is to make money.

      All the pro traders who were short are probably out by now, I am out with nice profits. Stock has formed bottom and should move slowly up from here. I am watching for entry point to go long. Will probably wait a few days/weeks.

      See previous messages #354, #362, #380, #394, #406

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