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  • built_on_lies built_on_lies Feb 20, 2013 1:01 PM Flag


    Doesn't that mean the scam is dead? Yes it does.

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    • The problem with raisingany capita at the current stock price is not one investor who OMNI works with will think LBAS at a valuation of over $40 million is a risk free deal. therefore current investors will have to give up alot for the new investors to bail them out. It is a death spiral since OMNI knows $5.0 million will only fix past mistakes and losses and new investors from wherever where will be future selling and resistance so OMNI needs to calculate how fast and at what price they can exit 40 million shares. Not a good situation!!!

    • It shows how difficult it will be for OMNI to raise $5.0 million to keep LBAS's doors open. At a 20% dicount to the trading price(last $10 million raised was at a 50% discount and sold at $.20) is $.16 but what investor wants to own 31.25 million shares when daily volume is less than 200K shares? OMNI will be paid in shares-4.9% of total oustanding or antoher 11 million shares. How will the owners of 42 million shares make a profit? Get stock for less than $.16!!! That is the problem LBAS is having raising capital and LBAS is essentially BK as I type, IMHO with only the lowest of low capital raisers as advisors. Vultures who will eat the current stockholders to make a profit. Poor Stanley and others. I tried to warn investors for how long now. How about ENVI?!

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