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  • babababaranne babababaranne May 20, 2003 10:13 AM Flag

    dsl versus Cable

    Ihave dsl and I am VERY disappointed. My average line speed is 450 k , what a wasteland. Is cable better for internet ?

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    • Verizon is just running a promotional offer. They really haven't lowered their prices. See this:

      I also checked whether I can get DSL for my home line from Verizon. I can't. I live less than 2 miles from the Verizon Central Office in a town that is quite attractive to market high-end services. Comcast knew that. I've been on Comcast's cable modem service for almost 5 years. All my computers access the service thru a wireless router. All standard technology (which is relatively cheap).

    • I got to say that DSL vs. cable varies by cable company and phone provider.

      For instance Cablevision has their cable modem service called Optimum Online. It is great on speed but is severely limited on features.
      File sharing programs such as WinMX or Kazaa are considered types of servers. Therefore, you are violating Optimum Online's Terms of Service. According to Optimum Online's Terms of Service you are not allowed to: "Run any type of server on the system. This includes but is not limited to FTP, IRC, SMTP, POP, HTTP, SOCKS, SQUID, DNS or any multi-user forums" If Cablevision catches you, they may terminate your service. Verizon allows you to run servers and they do not care what you do as long as it is acceptable with their terms of service.

      Another point to ponder: You are not encouraged to use a router on Optimum Online. If you want Optimum Online on two computers, you have to pay a $44.95 (if you are a cable subscriber $50.00 if not) per month fee! Are they crazy? Verizon allows you to use a router and split it to other computers however you want. With Verizon, there is no Additional modem fee.

      Now that Verizon raised its speed to 1.5mbps and lowered its price the old argument that DSL is slower must be reexamined.

    • Having been a technician for first Mindspring/Earthstink, and now another company.
      DSL vs cable varies by area. Where I'm at in Seattle, my dsl would absolutly bite. I'm too far from the CO and in the wrong kind of neighborhood (near former industrial, now retail) for any real luck with DSL. So I live with my Comcast cable. A mere 2mb normally(of 1.5 promised) with lows of about 1.4. It's gone down twice in two years that I'm aware of.
      I've teched Sattelite (yuck) through dialup and everything in between. Overall Cable's easier and less complex then PPPoE, the most common DSL, so it wins ties, beyond that it's all 'bout where ya live.

    • Both are important factors and neither is dominant for all customers of an ISP. I think that a person will purchase as much speed as they can afford. That leaves room for DSL and Cable.
      There is still a large segment of internet users that are using a dial-up connection because that is all that is available for their location. That market will be up for grabs as technological breakthroughs extend the reach of DSL. sb

    • i live in an area that is full of Comcast Cable internet subscribers and I never get below 1.2 Mbps...I would never want to half that speed with DSL ...thats just stupid!

    • I'd switch to cable if I were you.

    • Sorry about the bad info on my speed with verizon DSL I just ran a line test on and got the folloing on a line test from Philadelphia to LA

      2003-05-22 18:06:13 EST: 734 / 381
      Your download speed : 734177 bps, or 734 kbps.
      A 89.6 KB/sec transfer rate.
      Your upload speed : 381121 bps, or 381 kbps.

    • thx for the link. i have a meeting to attend but when i get a chance i'll give it a try.

      but it still boils down to:

      if people don't need speed, why pay for it?

      that's why i'd like to see those %'s.

      i'm inclined to think that most people aren't really concerned about speed more than they are about price.

      isn't that pretty much what the argument has been.

      again, thx.

      i'm outta here.

    • 400 Mbps. ?????

      You mean 400 Kbps.

      That's paltry. Sign up for cable. You're getting ripped off.

    • If you are happy with RCN at $18 per month than stay with it and save a few bucks.

      I get a true 400Mpbs with verizon. not sure what I get with comcast but it is much slower in reality. Maybe not in marketing but in the real world it is.

      What percent use dial up, cable or DSL I would not know off the top of my head but if you look around for a bit I would guess you will find what you are looking for.

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