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  • beardown60053 beardown60053 Nov 3, 2004 8:02 AM Flag

    Quatro Mas Anos!!!

    Morning Vasgo $ Brush!!!

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    • lol how can you be rich and still be on the dole? :sidebar"
      crude remark, Jesus was a pacifist, simple as that. if among his readings (with the exception of throwing the money changers out of the temple)you can find anger, hatred or WAR please quote it.
      They do not follow his teachings, they lie in his name bubba.

      You my dear have already "inherited "the wind.

    • You are right. YOU should not try to make fun of anybody. You are not bright enough to make a joke. Personally, I do not believe in trying to poke fun at anyone other than myself. As to your crude remark about "non Jesus followers", it makes sense to no one but you. Perhaps you should stay away from trying to discuss religion and politics. I may or may not be a moron but anyone reading my posts and yours will easily see that I am several notches above you. So if you are an "elitist", one would have to assume you are rich, but one would also have to assume that you inhereted the money because you are not smart enough to have earned it. So if you have any money, other than what the government gives you, you will not have it for long.

    • making fun of the french and pretending to spoof Osama, (if you are even that satrical), does not change the evangelical state of yourS and mine country. the cult of non Jesus followers are in charge buddy, read the cards and weep not laugh you moron,New Rule their Passion will be followed.
      and by the way A non entity like you can't insult me I'm a northeast "elitist"

    • How do you know that he is not in Iraq, using a laptop? Why are you so un-American? Why do you hate America? Porque? Porque? Porque?

    • You need mental help buddy, go see a shrink or a pastor and give it a rest.
      Gods blessings on you & yours.

    • Well Baron aren't you going to Iraq and fight in that war you keep cheering? Or are the poor, kids from those red states dying good enough for you as you've just said.
      Yeah people like you just keep giving it to the rubes and they just keep believing you arm chair warriors. They go to war they die.

    • LOL, She has completely lost it.

      Brush, did you bet real money on the election?

      O U C H !!!!!!!

    • your lying incompetant president managed to convince those poor people in the red states who are hoplessly against gays, abortions, and losing their assult weapons, that their best intrest is with the rebublican party. the fools voted for issues that do not benefit them only rich people like you who want those big tax cuts. as for our dying soldiers sent to war without the proper armaments, and munitions, they weren't even considered in the red state vote. and thats your repubican victory. Have it and glory in it and watch Iraq and the continured killing fields and watch the neocons start another war asap they are war mongers. they told you that over and over.
      you must love war, and death thats what this vote is all about. As for me I leave you to heavens judgement of your deeds and actions.

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      • Wow Brush you have all da Libbie lies down pact!!

        I Guess you have everybody figured out don't you?

        Hey I voted Democratic for Obama and Gutierezz in my district, the rest of my votes were republican. I'm a hard working middle class person far from being rich, but I understand the reasons for the Tax cuts and I understand that if you paid more taxes you recieved a bigger tax cut and the economy has responded from those tax cuts.

        No one loves war but I also understand that there are reasons for having to go to war. No matter who won the election the war was going to continue so keep up with your Mantra.

      • Poor loser, Ah.

      • LOSER Brushiton, how many male virgins are awaiting you in heaven?

        You lost! You were wrong and your temper tantrums on this board are not helping your cause. Try identifying with real Americans and see if you can't do a little better next time around.


    • Thanks, Pebbs. It was a moral victory.

    • in anticipation of him coming out in 40 minutes at 10:00 and giving his consession speech. He did say yesterday that he didn't want any delays. The provisional ballots along with the overseas military ballots are roughly equal to the number of votes he is behind in my great State of Ohio (@135,000).

      To win Ohio, Kerry would have to get 100% of all the provisional and military votes. Are you guys following me?

      I hope for the sake of out Country, Kerry doesn't pull a alGore and contest the election. The people have voted and the popular vote has President Bush up by a whopping 3.5 million.

      Let's wait 1/2 hour and see if Kerry can do the right thing for the Country.

      Jim (from Cleveland)

      ps. Did you see John Edwards address the crowd last night? He thanked all the supporters of he and Kerry for their work and votes. President Bush on the other hand thanked ALL AMERICANS for participating in the process to elect a President of their choice. This is a very important distinction that the Democrats would benifit from if they ever figured out the true meaning.

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      • President Bush on the other hand thanked ALL AMERICANS for participating in the process to elect a President of their choice.

        it just shows ONCE again bush has NO IDEA that he has NO MANDATE. HALF of the COUNTRY is AGAINST him and his administration. if only we could count on him trying to UNITE the country...but from the last four years we see that just isnt in his plans. You can be assured there will be NO honeymoon for him this time.

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