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  • vasgothelong vasgothelong Aug 10, 2005 9:58 PM Flag

    Hats off Indeed!

    Hats off
    by: cleveland231
    Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 08/10/05 08:03 am
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    to j_bass_123 for emboldening the shorts on this board. Reccomend, apes, if you agree! LOL!

    HHMMM a whole 14 hours later and no "Reccomend"'s ....

    ...can we talk about Hackett's near win in Ohio and the "Gold Star Mom"s holding vigil outside of Bushs Summer Palace in Crawford and how this all just adds to the Level of Discontent in His Majesty's handling of this War.... or is his Highness on Vacation?

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    • Wait DP, I think you have a different version then I'm framiliar with. Mine goes like this!

      Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply.
      Speak kindly. Leave the rest to the United States Marines!

      Semper Fi!

    • Thank-you JB1!!!!

    • Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply.
      Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

    • The vanity is already there. The troops were sent in to find WMD because Iraq represented an imminent threat. And as to Jane Fonda, you can nibble on her ankles all you want; it isn't going to change things. Such a shame.

    • I would have no regrets about removing Rumsfeld with a forced retirement of sorts. I don't think our troops need to see an in your face blowup regarding his personal mistakes and there have been a number of them IMO.
      Chaney is needed for continuity and his removal would send the wrong message to the enemy. We just need to hang in there and get an independent Iraqi government in charge so we can leave without all hell breaking loose. Or, does it not matter to you what would happen if we left an unstable situation? That is the only way that our 1800+ troops would have died in vain. If your ankle biting lends a hand to bringing our guys home prematurely, you will have that responsibility to think about for a lifetime. Sort of like Jane Fonda. sb

    • I see you still have a problem reading and understanding simple sentences. It is now wonder you were brainwashed.

    • You on the other hand would still be trying to get us to come home with our tail between our legs. sb
      Almost as much of an assumption as me hoping Hiliary runs in '08. I'm for Spitzer. And on the troops they may well be there a while no matter who's in. But that's no reason to stick your head in the sand and not think we need some leadership accountability. There's no reason to reward bad decisionmaking and keeping W/Chaney/Rumsfeld does just that.

    • And you know that if Denny Hastert took over tomorrow, he would be supporting our troops and this war effort as would a majority of the democrats. You on the other hand would still be trying to get us to come home with our tail between our legs. sb

    • Vasgo, good catch. I've heard about that "population bomb" before. Pretty obscure, but a while ago. The birth rate for the Palestinians living in Israel is greater than that of Jewish background, and thereby being fear the Palestinians would vote as a block once they become a majority and as a consequence Israel would no longer be a Jewish state. But I hadn't heard it applied to the Gaza settlement pullout. So they're pulling out to raise the existing Jewish population in Israel? That buys time, but what will they have to do next? Any connection to this and US foreign policy/Iraq war in the middle east? It would make sense if Bush was trying to crush anti-Israel opposition (ie Saddam) under the guise of American security concerns. Israel sure benefitted from the Iraq excursion more than we did.

    • Glossing over things which are of the utmost importance shows disregard. You can muddle the decisionmaking by pointing to conflicting intelligence. As Truman stated "The Buck Stops Here." Bush launched an offensive war with Iraq. For that the responsibility metric should be high. Again, where are the plans the Iraqis had to attack the United States? What was their connection to Al Qaeda? Much was alledged in The 2002 State of the Union Address about Iraq being a threat. Further Rumsfeld & Chaney pushed for an invasion of Iraq the day after 9/11. That seems to be a very quick rush to judgement. And now you want to have your cake and eat it to, suggesting what has been done is done and that thereby we all should just get on board. What an irresponsible idea.

      Our consitution has a stated succession process and we should undertake it. Those who are wrong on such serious matters as launching offensive wars that don't hold up to the allegations need to go, asap. Part of our "Checks and Balances" system; we as US citizens have the right to weed our leaders - done every four years, but this was a special F-up. Think of it as another way to support the troops, making sure the leadership uses them in responsible ways. The Speaker of the House could take over tomorrow, and should. This is too important of a screw up to just whitewash it over.

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