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  • wqjackson wqjackson Jan 25, 2006 1:26 PM Flag


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    • you are hilarious!

    • It is nice to see that somebody "gets it".

    • You are the problem.
      You just don't get it.
      You can't go forward looking in the rear view mirror.
      You may have missed this but I have spent over thirty years helping "at risk" kids which also means families. Disfunctional families of all colors. I have helped break the cycle that starts with a baby born out of wedlock. No Father. A Mother on crack, selling her body to pay for her addiction and food for family. The kids on the street all night getting into trouble. Going to a jail in the middle of the night and bailing them out because the police know who I am. The kids seeing value in education. Teaching a crack baby/child math and see him cry when he can't remember what he learned the day before. I been shoved against a wall by two large African American's drug dealers telling me to get out of their "hood."
      I have twelve college graduates that I helped put through school. Ten were the first in the family top graduate from high school.
      I could go on and on.
      You are keeping your race's hands bound by your attitude and bitterness. It hasn't worked in the past...why is it going to work in the future.
      Get off your bitter black ass and do something besides bitching and moaning.

    • Years ago in the service (army) a young black man was cussing and screaming about how he was being discriminated against. In his mind everyone looked down on him. He did not think he should have to do KP or go out and police the area. He only had to do those things because he was black. Finally the sargent got tired of the BS and took him before the colonel. Suddenly he changed his attitude. Care to guess why? The colonel was a black man.

    • There is a black woman in a nearby town who has been stealing government money from the poor for years. Fifteen years ago she got off scott free. Now she has been caught again and will soon go the trial. The NAACP is going to try and get her off again. Guess she means more to them than the poor black kids that she robbed. Kind of makes you wonder.

    • somt buckshot here somebuck shot there Hit anything?????

    • When rush limbaugh goes to jail for the same infraction that thousands of black men are in jail for then you and I can talk yes indeedey.

      Nice try at outlining something you know absolutely nothing about and it shows.

    • Agree with you 100% Well said.
      I just wish they would listen but their leadership will lose power if things change to personal responsibility.
      BIll Cosby is correct.

    • Are African American's better off now than they were in 1964?
      Yes. But they are not as well off as they could be. National African American's leader�s have for their own personal advantage controlled the thinking and direction of the average black.
      Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton typify this self-absorbs ion that have put their personal control, over allowing the average black to grow in a free market driven society. Rather than leading them by saying learn, grow as a person and compete, they say you don't have a chance, so why compete. We will get you the money to survive. It's OK to have a family without a father helping raise the kids. It OK to have multiple kids out of wedlock. It�s Ok to not study in school. The government owes you. They and others like them have created a "plantation" environment where an African American waits with their hat in their hand at the mail box for their monthly check sent by the Federal Government.
      I have worked with "at risk" kids for over thirty years. New leadership has to take control and change the basic thinking of African American's. Start communicating that it�s Ok to compete in our market driven society. It OK to fail. But it's not OK to give-up. Take responsibility for their decisions and enjoy and understand what success is.
      STOP BLAMING OTHERS for your things you can change.

    • Perhaps I should apoligize for thinking I was having a discussion with a sane and rational person. Additionally, I thought you might have an iota of education. I frankly have been wrong on all scores. for that I apoligize.
      Continue with you useless muching out in the open fields. I hear the grass is good in the north meadow.

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