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  • behai1979 behai1979 Jun 26, 2006 1:54 AM Flag

    Tech Found Asleep On Customer's Couch

    Tech found asleep on customer's couch. LOL

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    • By: pigskinfanforlife
      Date: 06/29/06 03:16 am

      at the same time if cstmrs instead of calling to complain would get off their ass, check a connection or two, which fixes most problems than anything, reps wouldn't have to roll a truck
      Did you ever hear of Customer Service? I do most of my own checking before calling DirecTV or the phone company but lots of folks do not have a clue. There are no stupid customers except for those who pay for service they are not getting. The customer pays the salaries for ALL Comcast employees. If 50% of those customers dropped their services, Comcast would have to cut their payroll by 80% or go bankrupt. "The customer is ALWAYS right", even when he is wrong. American businesses seem to have forgotten this.

    • >"LOL. Yeah right... the system calls for an hour delay. Sure."<

      The system is designed to take as long as it takes for them to get around to you. If it is break time or lunch time, there are fewer people taking calls and it takes longer.

      >"Let's see... dial in via the direct number and get a supervisor. Get YOUR own supervisor. Get a manager."<

      Unless you have a supervisor's direct number, chances are you ain't gona get one. Call your boss and he will probably tell you to just do the best you can because he has to check out the donuts in the breakroom and doesn't have time. And if you are a contract employee, you can forget about talking to anyone other than the call center people. If you are a regular employee then you get your butt chewed for "bothering" a manager. Do it several times and get fired for not being able to do your job.

    • They try to Band-Aid over the symptom, instead of trying to resolve the root cause.


      Give me a break. Doesn't Comcast check the stats for their support calls? I've waited for 45 MINUTES for a pulse on the other end of the phone call.

      The tech who fell asleep is little more than a scapegoat to try to spackle over Comcast's real problems -- a non-responsive customer support organization.

      Two months ago I submited a support request via the Comcast website. I have yet to receive an answer.

      Rip Van Winkle, move aside.....

      • 1 Reply to bob_438
      • 10 days ago I had a Comcast tech come to install digital voice. He had to call in as a part of the install and had to wait 15 minutes. Then was dropped off hold to a dial tone, called back and waited 20 minutes more. He said it's worse for Comcast techs as customers are prioritzed ahead of them, which increases their time on the job. Last, he said Comcast only pays by the job so there's no incentive for them to improve their call centers. Now this has happened. By the way, the video made NBC's Nightly News tonight. Brian Roberts needs to take a pay cut and hire some more call center reps.

    • As a comcast tech in the bay area I can relate to what this poor fool has to endure to get support from his company. I've often called our dispatch or help desk for help and been put on hold and forgotten. We deal everyday with high tech products but do not have the tools or equipment to properly troubleshoot a problem. For example we're very often called upon for internet or computer issues but comcast has not deemed it necessary for every tech to have a laptop. Most techs don't even have a tv test set to troubleshoot video related calls. Yet their motto is "Customer First". Recently techs have resigned in the bay area for similiar issues

    • How about the ass that put him on hold for over an hour. They should have been fired also. If a technician dispatched to a home has no support on the companies side he should just explain to the subscriber I have to move on with my schedule, My supervisors name is ... my apologies. Note not one reference to the public is this a contract employee or an in house technician. Its a disgrace that Comcast would fire an employee based on the fact that his eyes were closed.( maybe he was just FRUSTRATED) This video does not prove positive that he was asleep . I hope this guy gets good representation and the Dispatcher and supervisors of both eployees should also suffer some disciplinary actions. If Comcast does not have enough properly trained dispatchers then instead of forwarding calls to call centers on the cheap outside the country they should HIRE and TRAIN and retain proper in house proffesional technicians. Our bills reflect some of the highest prices paid for services,we should also expect some of the highest paid and trained technicians. Shame on you Comcast as some on this board feel you should be a leader in Customer Service.

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