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  • ckza Mar 17, 2011 6:14 AM Flag

    The Roberts Family in their Arrogance Will See Their Business TOPPLED!

    Free as in "FREE" to travel where no man has never gone before-innovative, creative, yet to be discovered applications on net- as a result of NOT tolerating arbitrary "TOLL BOOTHS" being erected to "BLOCK" your customers own requests without regard to "factual economics."

    To be more clear, LVLT's network is deeper and more robust enabling them to carry traffic closer to endpoints for Comcast customers more cost effectively, than the TOLL these Monopolists are attempting to levy on Netflix by DISCRIMINATING.

    Whatever network you think you built, or own, I can assure you that its main arteries rely on this company for all sorts of support intercity across the US. Their US and European internet backbones and network assets exceed $25B conservatively cost new as they continue investing heavily.

    Get off Comcast, it's about to PUKE! The DAYS of the DUMB em DOWN paid T.V. boxes are OVER!

    You sound like that FOOLISH Congresswoman, Blackburn, from TN. How much did they pay you for their support? IMO

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